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Welcome to our HOME!!!!!

 RockSolid Helmets We have partnered with RockSolid to help protect and support our players this season. The RockSolid RS2 helmet is the only soft-shell helmet made specifically for football and reduces the impact of hits by 52%. This is mandatory for all players. Go to liverocksolid.com/store/atozsports/ to order yours today.  


We  accepting Registrants as Individuals to join teams, or as groups or already assembled teams... Coaches looking for other teams to compete against.. Coaches looking for somewhere to grow....

Follow us on Facebook and instagram to catch all our current events and any promotion we have Goin on.. Currently a %20 percent off follow us to receive details...   


We will be Playing at the following locations:

Naranja Park - Homestead - South Dade Bulldogs 

Homestead Middle School - Homestead - Homestead Predators  

Coral Gables High School - Coral Gables - Cavaliers

Coral Park High School - Westchester - Rams  

Monday, March 2
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Saturday, February 20
Football 2015 Southdade bulldogs