Atlanta Conservation Club: Welcome

Range Closed for Maintenance on Wednesday 4/16, Thursday 4/17 and Friday 4/18 AM: Road and Bay Gravel Project

Atlanta Conservation Club (ACC) is a premier shooting range and club located at 29595 Leonard Rd in Atlanta, IN about an hour north of Indianapolis with a clubhouse, indoor restrooms, 8 shooting bays with large carport bay covers and two plate racks situated on 14 acres on the east side of Atlanta, IN.

Location: ACC is on 296th St. between US19 and US37, at the intersection of 296th St. and Leonard Rd: southeast quadrant.


  •  Membership is required for 365 days a year access using a keypad activated gate.
  • Members, guests and/or visitors are prohibited from using or consuming any type of intoxicant on the premises.
  • Visitors are welcome on the premises to observe or participate in a scheduled class or weekend match in accordance with all posted range safety rules.
  • Member guests, which includes family members, must stay in the same shooting bay as the responsible member and act in accordance with all posted range safety rules.
  •  Visitors, guests (including family members), paid class and non-member match participants must complete an ACC Release form before participating in or observing any ACC fire-arms related activities.
  • Eye and ear protection is mandatory in or near active shooting bays.
  • ACC is a COLD RANGE for all scheduled matches where you keep your unloaded firearm holstered, bagged or use a chamber flag at all times unless facing downrange at the firing line. 
  • Authorized daily shooting hours are from 9AM to sunset.
  • There are 8 shooting bays 20-25 yards deep where most handguns and long-guns are allowed.
  •  Fully-automatic firearms (Pistol caliber sub-guns) are permitted in bays 6-8. No fully automatic rifle calibers are allowed.
  •  All Bays have carport covered areas for use in case of inclement weather.
  • Bays 2 & 7 have pistol caliber only plate racks installed for member use.  

Organized shooting sport matches are shown on the calendar for these disciplines: 

USPSA-United States Practical Shooting Association 

IDPA-International Defensive Pistol Association 

SCSA-Steel Challenge Shooting Association 

ICORE-International Confederation of Revolver Enthusiasts 

SASS-Single Action Shooting Society 

Membership - Call Director Jeff Oakes at 317-439-2216 for any questions about membership, and download a membership application using the "Downloads" tab in the left hand column. 

President's Message:

The Atlanta Conservation Club is dedicated to conserving wildlife, natural resources, and to encourage & promote organized shooting sports among its members and citizens of our community while teaching safe and effective handling of firearms.

An inherent responsibility of owning and using firearms is a commitment to learn and develop safe shooting practices at a safe place; ACC offers a facility with resources to help you enjoy shooting while exercising your 2nd Amendment rights.

Please contact any of the Board Members, Officers or Match Directors shown on the officials tab with questions; and check the calendar tab for information about matches or other scheduled events.

Jim Barbour