Wednesday, July 27


Advanced  Travel-AAU-Club Basketball League


Game rules - We will use CIF rules plus ten second back court violation. 7th Grade Boys and older will use 29.5 regulation men’s basketball. All girls’ games will use 28.5 regulation woman’s basketball. Two free throws will be at 10 team fouls. Scoreboard score is final (not the book).14 minute stop clock per half – If a team is up by 15 or more points the clock runs the last 10 minutes of the game. If both coaches agree and the games are on schedule the running clock does not need to be applied.Overtime – An overtime period will consist of two (2) minutes of regulation play. After two overtimes sudden death will be enforced in the third overtime.Timeouts – Each team will have FOUR (4) timeouts per game. Each timeout will be 40 seconds. One (1) additional time out will be granted per overtime period. Time outs DO NOT carry over into overtime.Warm ups and half time may be limited due to time restraints.Jerseys: Home team is the first team listed and must wear white or light colored jersey.Tie Breaker System:
  1. Head to Head Play – The team that wins the head to head competition between the two teams will move on.
  2. Point System – A point differential system (among all the teams) will be used if three or more teams are tied. The team with the most points will be 1st place then 2nd place and etc. If two teams are still tied, they would revert to the first tie breaker system.
Playing on more than one team - Players are allowed to play on two teams if they are in different divisions. Conduct – All coaches are responsible for the behavior of their team and parents. Conduct of players and coaches should be above reproach both on and off the court. Any misbehavior or misconduct, on or off the court, will be subject to individual and/or team disqualification from the league.All coaches or team representatives must turn in team fees, team rosters, birth certificates, report cards and picture Id's.   A team coach or representative has until the Tuesday before the start of league to turn in all materials to the ATAC League offices. No team will be added to the schedule without complying with this rule.

A player may be added to the roster up to and including the 3rd week of league play but, not after. All players added must show birth certificate, report card and picture ID to be declared eligible to play. All players must be added to the roster before they can play in the league. Any use of a player that is not on the roster will result in an automatic forfeit. A player must have played in 3 games to be eligible to participate in the play-offs. At each game a team score sheet will be compared to a team roster to confirm that all players are registered.

Challenges to a player’s eligibility may only be made ONLY before the game. If a player is challenged and is not on the roster he/she cannot play. If he/she does play the game is a forfeit. If a player arrives late, and enters the game the challenge must be made at the time of entry into the game.

League play will consist of 6 games and a single elimination tournament at the end of the season. Individual awards will be given to the first and second place teams in each division. There will be no make-up games.

Primary scheduling efforts will be made to accommodate the coaches that are coaching more than 1 team. All other request must be made in writing when a team registers and before the schedule is made. There is no guarantee that all requests will be accommodated. It is best not to request a specific time or particular time of the day, because those request are most difficult to accommodate. If you must absolutely make a request after the schedule is made there will be a fee of $100 upfront to make that request if it can be accommodated. But again there are no guarantees that such request will be made possible.

If a team cannot make their scheduled game, they need to inform the A.T.A.C league a week prior to the game, so we can find a replacement team. The team that cannot make their game will be given a forfeit.  If a team forfeits twice in a season they will be dismissed from the league with no refund.

Good sportsmanship must be displayed by players, coaches and parents at all times. Parents or coaches are not allowed to taunt the opponent’s players.  A.T.A.C reserves the rights to demand proper conduct of sportsmanship or have those that violate removed from the gym. A participant that gets thrown out of the gym for fighting will not be allowed back to the team’s next game.
Last place teams in each division will move down a division for the next season and first place teams in each division will move up ex. If you are a gold division team and you take first place in the league season (not the end of season tournament) you will automatically be placed in the Elite division the following season.