Ashland Barracudas: Awards

Jamie Hess
Jamie Hess in 2001
Jamie Hess Memorial Sportsmanship Award

The Jamie Hess Award is given each year to one deserving boy and one deserving girl swimmer.  The award is named in memory of Jamie Hess, a swimmer on our team during the late 1990s and early 2000s who lost a long and brave battle with leukemia in 2002.  The award is intended to recognize swimmers who exhibit Jamie's qualities of enthusiasm, team spirit, work effort, and fair play.  The coaching staff selects the Jamie Hess Award winners each year.

 The Jamie Hess Award is the only special award our team presents to its athletes, and winning the Jamie Hess Award is the highest honor a Barracuda can earn.

Past winners of the Jamie Hess Award have been:

2002 Caleb Wade and Martha Fowler

2003 Jimmy Foley and Ellie Shea 

2004 Nick Ford and Lexi Wiles

2005 Clark Serfass and Caroline Haupt

2006 Stephen Belyea and Taylor Smith

2007 Jermaine Gaines and Meade Reihl

2008 Shane Henry and Sabrina Lacoss

2009 Jesse Artiglia and Shea Burch

2010 Josh Winston and Hannah Herbert 

2011 Ian Miller and Kristina Woomer

2012 Jacob Davis and Logan Harrington

2013 Zach Topich and Carleigh Luck

2014 Luke Bliley and Libby Klinger

2015 Larson Flanagan and Jillian Allen  

2016 Baxter Dingman and Addy Klinger 

2017 Quin Smith and Rosie Morris

2018 Thomas Senfield and Maggie Sharp  

Ron DesRoches Parent Volunteer Award

The Ron DesRoches Parent Volunteer Award is presented each year to a parent who has dedicated years of service to our team.  It is named in memory of Ron DesRoches, a parent volunteer during our team's formative years, who set an example of service and support to the Barracudas prior to his death in 1998.  For the first three years of the award's existence, the swim team board selected its recipient.  Since 2005, the former winners of the award have selected each year's recipient.

Winners of the Ron DesRoches Award are:

2002 Ron Lefever

2003 Ray Williams

2004 Mark Rosenberg

2005 Jan Ernst

2006 Anne Friesen

2007 Janis Rosenberg

2008 Richard Taylor

2009 Rene Bailey

2010 Bill Artiglia

2011 Julie Lefever

2012 Veronica Wiles

2013 Meg Pienkowski

2014 Kristin and Jeff Reihl 

2015 Russ Boyle 

2016 Nina Henry 

2017 Tom Grant 

2018 Stuart Flinn 

Len Everett Sportsmanship Award

The Len Everett Sportsmanship Award was established in 1984 by the Greater Richmond Aquatic League (GRAL) to honor the memory of a man who was instrumental in the founding and structuring of the League.  Leonard Everett, from Hungary Creek Recreation Association, stood for the highest ideals of fair competition and good sportsmanship.  A plaque is awarded every year to one club in each division whose swimmers, coaches, and parents have best exhibited these qualities.  

Since entering the league in 1995, Ashland has won the Len Everett Award seven times:

1995, 1997, 1998, 2002, 2003, 2007, and 2008

Len Everett Scholarship Award

In 2012, the Len Everett Scholarship was established. Graduating seniors who have participated in GRAL for no less than five (5) consecutive years, and demonstrate dedication to the sport of swimming and loyalty to his/her GRAL club are encouraged to apply.

Ashland recipients of the Len Everett Scholarship:

2013 Hannah Herbert (Christopher Newport University)

2015 Carleigh Luck (High Point University)

2016 Shea Burch (James Madison University)

2017 Madeline Enderle (University of Mary Washington)

2018 Andrew Datovech (University of Maryland) 

GRAL Video Contest

2014 Producers: Annika Cline, Johnny Edelman, Allyson Flinn

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2017         Producers: Phoebe McLaughlin, Jack Morgan, Olivia Taylor

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