Ashland Barracudas: Welcome

Older swimmers: sign up to work the weekend snack bar.  If everyone signs up for 1 or 2 sessions, we're set!  Here's the site:


Ashland 1674, Wyndham 1401

Division breakdown was as follows: 

Novice: Ashland 639, Wyndham 455

Advanced: Ashland 406, Wyndham 297

Junior Varsity: Ashland 178, Wyndham 94

Varsity: Wyndham 173, Ashland 138

Senior Varsity: Wyndham 219, Ashland 99

Advanced Relays: Ashland 126, Wyndham 88

Senior Varsity Relays: Ashland 88, Wyndham 78


Mark Dinger broke a nearly 13 year old team record in junior boys' 50 breast.  The record was previously held by Cody Dailey.  Two Wyndham swimmers broke a total of three pool records. 

Quadruple winners were: Phoebe McLaughlin and The Oliver Mudd.

Triple winners were: Christine Datovech, Jacob Davis, Steven Dinger, Mattie Grant, Gus Hubbard, Brette Nicely, Samantha Senfield, Ethan Spencer, Jonathan Waller, and Kaylie Wright

New championship meet qualifiers were:  Larson Flanagan, Allyson Flinn, Grace Gordon, Haley Lavach, Davis Luck, Phoebe McLaughlin, Brett Nicely, and Cerys O'Sullivan.