Ashland Barracudas: Welcome

Burkwood 1988.5, Ashland 963.5

Breakdown by division was as follows:

     Novice: Burkwood 704.5, Ashland 400.5

     Advanced: Burkwood 454, Ashland 159

     Junior Varsity: Burkwood 180, Ashland 40

     Varsity: Burkwood 147, Ashland 133

     Senior Varsity: Burkwood 259, Ashland 95

    Advanced Relays: Burkwood 120, Ashland 84

    Senior Varsity Relays: Burkwood 124, Ashland 52

Team records were broken by Christine Datovech in 11/12 girls' 50 free and Oliver Mudd in 9/10 boys' 50 free.  This is Oliver's first team record, and it erases the legendary name of Will Mallory from a 2003 record. A Burkwood swimmer broke 3 pool records in the 8/under age group, including another Will Mallory record- this one from 2002.

New championship meet qualifiers were Deklan Cauthorne, and Andrew Datovech

Quadruple winners were: Grace Gordon, Oliver Mudd, and Samantha Senfield.

Triple winners were: Kate Balut, Christine Datovech, Ronny Maier, Thomas Senfield, Ethan Spencer, and Ben Williams.