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Sunday, May 15
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ASC NLA Legends U9 and U10 “Open” Winter Training Sessions:

Get a head start on everyone and play a scrimmage or make a training session with the Legends.  Let the coaching staff evaluate your son and see if he can contribute to the teams overall SUCCESS.  The Legends have fun but play serious soccer.  We are a fun team to play with and a challenging team to play against.

The  ASC Legends are always on the lookout for talented, dedicated players that can come in and make an impact to this already successful and talented group of boys.  ASC Legends seeks exceptional, committed, skilled players willing to train and compete year round, advancing their skills and abilities to the highest levels.  The Legends play an exciting attacking style of soccer, with an emphasis on possession, ball movement, with a focus on the development of the individual player's skills. Legends are seeking player(s) that have a true desire to play in goal and share goalkeeper duties.  Goal keeper training is provided by 247 GK Academy and subsidized by the teams. If you would like to schedule a private tryout, please contact Royce Brodie directly (, cell: 703-932-1478).

ASC Legends 02 U9 NLA Academy Team Accomplishments:  ·         2011 SYA Cardinal Cup U9 Premier – Champions ·         2011 OBGC Capital Cup – Finalist ·         2011 NVSC Battlefield Classic -  Champions·         2011 15’th Annual Hunt Country Classic - Champions

ASC Legends 01 U10 NLA Academy Team Accomplishments:

·   2010 Dulles National Tournament – ASC Legends Gold U9 Premier – Champions

·   2010 Dulles National Tournament – ASC Legends Black U9 Champion – Champions

·   2010 OBGC Capital Cup Tournament -  ASC Legends U9 Champion – Champions

·   2010 Fall Classic Tournament -  ASC Legends U9 Premier – Champions

·   2011  PWSI Icebreaker Tournament  -  ASC Legends Gold U9 Premier – Finalist

·   2011  FPYC Cup Tournament  -  ASC Legends Gold U9 Premier – Champions

·   2011  FPYC Cup Tournament  -  ASC Legends  Black U9 Premier – Finalist

·   2011 36th Annual Virginian Premier Gold -  ASC Legends Black – Champions

·   2011 36th Annual Virginian Premier Gold -  ASC Legends Gold – Finalist

·  2011 OBGC Capital Cup Premier  -  Champions 

·  2011 CASL Boys Shootout  -  Playing up in age U11 - Finalist

·         2011 15’th Annual Hunt Country Classic - Champions

The NLA Legends are part of the ASC Academy (Developmental) Age Group category, the term "premier player" means a player willing, and selected, to devote a significant amount of time and energy to soccer.

Selection will be based on the player and family's willingness to commit the amount of time to the program and the player’s athletic ability and skill level. Player positions on the field are not a consideration.  In the Academy Developmental Age Group category, particularly U9-U10, the emphasis is not on developing winning soccer teams. In the Developmental Age Groups, the focus is on developing technically proficient players who over time, begin to develop into decision makers on the playing field.  In the end if we do our part, positive results and experiences will take care of it’s self.   

Academy Goal: 


  • The mission is to develop every player to his full potential.
  • To create a high level training environment for the premier player.
  • To create a program which does not select out players at this age, but rather provides an opportunity for players who have the desire to train at a high level.
  • To create a training program that will help develop exceptional soccer players.
  • To create an environment where the players feel a part of a great program and a great soccer environment. 
  • To create an environment where the coach can make decisions that are in the best interest of all player development, with minimal focus on winning.
  • To play the beautiful game – beautifully.
   Program / Team Structure: Academy Style training for age group:   
  • 3 team format:  - Gold, Black and White  (Gold and Black are NCSL teams and White is an ODSL team)

 All teams are designated as ASC - Next Level Legends. Instead of having distinct teams within the age group, all players (Gold and Black) will train together, and game-day team composition may vary from week to week, using the NCSL (National Capital Soccer League) club-pass system that allows rostered U9/U10 players to guest play on any (NCSL) U9/U10 team within their club.     

 Players are joining the “ASC Legends Next Level Academy”, not a specific team.  The U9 & U10 programs consists of (20 U9 Players) and (35 U10 players) making up the U9/U10Legends Academy Program.   The benefit of the Academy format is that it is more appropriate for a young soccer player’s development because the focus is on individual player improvement as opposed to team accomplishments. Young players need a developmentally appropriate environment that will allow them to first cultivate and grow individual skills, confidence, and motivation. While the Academy program functions in a competitive atmosphere, winning is not the foremost focus. With increased proficiency, players will have the ability to compete successfully at an early age as well at subsequent age levels as the team concept and competition gains increasing emphasis for the skilled player.  Players/Parents need to commit to the time requirement, expense requirement, and attitude requirement.     

ASC Legends Next Level Academy believes that the pursuit of excellence in sports helps to develop maturity in children and young adults and that the experiences a player has with the team shall be beneficial throughout his lifetime. Next Level coaches believe that a youth sports program should be holistic and competition should produce more than just wins.  Winning and competition are only part of the equation of a successful program or season. Winning is transient, but life skills learned on the field of play and in training sessions are enduring and last a lifetime. Good sportsmanship, physical fitness, goal setting, self evaluation, problem solving, dealing with disappointment, developing a positive self-concept, and group loyalty are skills and ideals utilized long after a players career has ended. To this end, NLA will strive to instill these skills enhancing a child’s development as he matures into adulthood.  NLA values the whole player and welcomes people of different talents, abilities, and experiences.  Soccer equalizes inequities and humanizes all people – together we can make a difference in our community.   Hope to see you on the field, Coach Brodie  

Coaches Philosophy/Approach/Expectations

Philosophy: Per my mission statement - Take it seriously, and be passionate about the game. However, never lose sight that it is only a sport. It is a game. Soccer when played correctly is a Beautiful game that requires physical ability, technical skill, and playing
smart. Although we are not preparing for the World Cup, our Girls need to come to practices and games ready to play hard and give everything they have when they step in between the lines. I don't ask that the kids be perfect, I don't expect them to play mistake free. However, I do expect them to play with desire, passion, and to give 100 % of themselves while on the field.

Do you have what it takes to be a Legend?  The Legend's are always on the look out for committed, impact players for the Fall/Spring season. To schedule a tryout, contact Royce Brodie at

                                                             "SOCCER IS A KICK"