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Arsenal Force
John Steele
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  Training: Attacking/Relieving Pressure  

Attacking/Relieving Pressure
There are two ways to relieve pressure on the ball, by dribbling or passing.
  1. Passing - When the attacker is in the defending third and is supported by teammates in the middle and attacking third, then they can pass to relieve the pressure and maintain possession. At times an attacker can make a "self-pass" into space, away from the defender, and hopefully beat the defender to the ball with enough time to turn and face the defender.
  2. Dribbling - The first attacker can relieve pressure by dribbling if they are isolated. The player with possession should screen the ball and hopefully move laterally across the field, maintaining possession until teammates can come and support, or the defender allows the attacker to turn and face the defender. If the defender commits, the attacker can exploit this commitment to penetrate. If the defender does not commit or becomes passive, then the attacker will look to penetrate in the usual ways.

Arsenal Force
Arsenal Force

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