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Arsenal Force
John Steele
1220 N 161 Circle
Omaha, Nebraska

Eat to Compete
"The Athlete's Sports Nutrition Program"

When a soccer player exercises above 80% maximum heart rate, ...

Daily Footwork Drill
This complete 7-minute drill was created by Dennis Mueller, a boy's U16 coach from Princeton, NJ, based on information contained on several soccer instruction video tapes. The drill provides more than 575 touches on the ball. It is recommended that you do the complete workout every day. The workout can be done anywhere, such as in a basement, playroom or outside, because there is little danger of breaking things.

An explanation for each touch is also included in the document.

The Most Amazing Machine
Why is it that we spend so much time and energy thinking about and trying to acquire so much "stuff?"

By ...

Recommended Youth Training Priorities
US Soccer's Recommended Training Priorities for U11 to U18 Youth.

All activities should be challenging, ...

What to Eat for Optimum Sports Performance
These days we're all accustomed to watching our diets, but you may not know that what you eat and drink before ...

The Power of Goal Setting
There is not a single successful athlete who would not confirm the power and importance of setting goals to pursue ...

Midfield Player Functions by Position or Role
In watching top level international play, it becomes obvious that there are as many different midfield formations ...

Attacking/Relieving Pressure
There are two ways to relieve pressure on the ball, by dribbling or passing.
  1. Passing - When ...

    The primary job of the defender is to deny penetration. The defender will try to keep the attacker from shooting, ...

    Stay Hydrated!
    Summertime means it's especially important to be very careful about getting dehydrated when you are outside in ...

    Heading Techniques
    The following are different heading methods to consider.

    Standing Position

    The feet ...

    Training on Your Own: Don't Settle for Mediocrity
    There is a saying that describes a great many athletes -- "The mediocre are always at their best." Being mediocre ...

    Training Tips by Julie Foudy
    Julie was a member of the 1991 and 1999 Women's World Cup Championship Teams and the gold-winning Women's Soccer ...

    How To Outlast Your Opponents
    Profile Juggling (anim)
    Check out this article on soccer and fitness by Thomas Rongen, US U20 Men's National Team Coach.

    Tips on Trapping the Ball by Brandi Chastain
    Relaxation and confidence are key when attempting to bring a ball under control, United States defensive back Brandi ...

    Conditioning Secrets for High School Players and Coaches
    Soccer players and coaches from all backgrounds, including high school, club, college, and professional, are constantly ...

    Individual Defending
    In talking about defense, the terms first, second, and third defender are used. As a review: The first defender ...

    Nutrition and Exercise
    It has long been accepted that nutrition is vitally important in endurance sports such as cycling, swimming and ...

    Soccer Tactical Lessons
    Girl Dribble 2
    Whether you are just starting out or are an avid enthusiast, offers a comprehensive list of lessons for everyone. If you are new to the sport, check out our basic skills. If you're already kicking the ball around at a good pace, try more advanced skills like the power dive or the spin move.

    Tips from US Women's National Team Players
    Check out these awesome tips from US Women National Team Members.

    Kristine Lilly Counts on Fitness:

    Kristine ...

    More Tips From the US Women's Team
    Mia Hamm is the world's top women's soccer player. Her 117 international goals entering Saturday's game against ...

    Defending Tips for Every Position
    Every soccer player should take just as much pride in his or her defense as they do in scoring a goal. Here are ...

    Tips on Staying in Shape by Mia Hamm
    Mia was the first ever three-time U.S. Soccer athlete of the year and was a member of the Gold Medal winning U.S. ...

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Arsenal Force

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