Alpharetta Recreation and Parks -- Athletics Website: Spectator Responsiblities

Spectator Responsibilities
ARPD emphasizes the importance of good sportsmanship. The following explains the responsibilities that players and spectators should understand when attending an athletic event:

1. Gain an understanding and appreciation for the rules of the game.
2. Exercise positive player/fan behavior at all times.
3. Recognize and appreciate skilled performances of all athletes.
4. Exhibit respect for the game officials.
5. Display openly a respect for the opponent at all times.
6. Display pride in your actions at every opportunity.

The following are player and spectator guidelines for behavior and behavior expectations, before, during, and after the game:

1. Treat opponents the way you would like to be treated, as a guest or friend. Refrain from making negative comments towards players, coaches, officials, or league administrators.

2. Refrain from arguments with players, coaches, officials, spectators, and league administrators.

3. Shake hands with opponents after the game (players).

4. Display modesty in victory and graciousness in defeat in public.

5. Give encouragement to injured players and recognition to outstanding performances for both teams.

6. Use positive comments to praise your team without antagonizing the opponents. Positive cheering by players, coaches, and spectators is encouraged.

7. Accept all decisions of game officials.

8. Disrespectful or derogatory yells, chants, songs, and gestures will not be tolerated.

9. Booing and/or heckling will not be tolerated.

10. Profanity of any kind will not be tolerated. Players and/or spectators who use vulgar and abusive language will be subject to immediate, and potentially permanent, suspension of playing and/or spectator privilege. The length of the suspension will be dependent upon a thorough investigation by ARPD staff.