Friday, April 4


Spring break starts this weekend!  Enjoy your time off!  We'll come back to play on April 14, with 3 more nights left in the regular season.  Playoffs start April 23.

Upcoming Games:
Monday, April 14
6:00pm -- Hoodlum Hoopers vs The Jerry Slamdunkys
7:00pm -- The Flight Brothers vs Cookies and Kareem
8:00pm -- Do it For the Vine vs Loony Goons

Wednesday, April 16
6:00pm -- Loony Goons vs Church League Charlies
7:00pm -- Golden Rockets vs Lights Out
8:00pm -- Chocolate Swirl vs The Flight Brothers

Monday, April 21
6:00pm -- Cookies & Kareem vs Lights Out
7:00pm -- Hoodlum Hoopers vs Do it For the Vine
8:00pm -- Golden Rockets vs The Jerry Slamdunkys

Stats are updated through April 3 games.

Please email for information and for registration forms, or come in to the Crabapple Government Center.

Teen League is for 15-19 year olds, enrolled in high school. Players CANNOT be on a school team.

Teams play an 8-10 game season at Alpharetta Community Center and/or Wills Park with a single elimination tournament for the top 6 teams per division.

Registration: Team Only ($400/team + $25 for each non-resident on roster)