Thursday, June 19

Spring 2014 Men's Adult Basketball

Men's B League has concluded.  Congratulations to the Bomb Squad for winning the regular season.  They weren't able to sweep the titles as the 2 seed, Extrodinairs took care of them in the championship game.  We'll see you guys in the fall.

Upcoming Schedule
Playoff Schedule
Thursday, May 1:
7:00pm -- ACC -- 5th-Jack's All-Stars-44 vs 4th-Endochoice-52
8:00pm -- ACC -- 6th-Two Point Royals-2 vs 3rd-Blue Magic-0 fft

Thursday, May 15:
7:00pm -- ACC -- 6th-Two Point Royals-51 vs 2nd-Extrodinairs-65
8:00pm -- ACC -- 4th-Endochoice-38 Winner vs 1st-Bomb Squad-41

Thursday, May 22 -- Championship Game:
7:30pm -- ACC -- 2nd-Extrodinairs-57 vs 1st-Bomb Squad-45

Stats are updated through ALL games played.

Fall 2014 season

Registration for the FALL season will begin July 7 and run through July 25. These are the published dates in our guide, I thought I changed them to run a little later in the summer.

Team fee is $400, $25 more per player that is a non-resident of Alpharetta or Milton.

Games will begin the week of August 18, this is firm.

If you need league information, please email me,

League paperwork will be ready to go out by July 3.

Adult basketball is played in the fall and in the spring, on Tuesdays (A) and Thursdays (B), there is no winter season.  Adult basketball is for adults 18 and up, as of the first game of the season.