Friday, September 12

Fall 2014 season

Games have begun.  Game schedules are uploaded to the website.  If there are any discrepancies, please refer to the paper handout schedule.

Upcoming schedule:

Tuesday, September 16
7:00pm -- Extrodinairs vs A Squad
8:00pm -- Bomb Squad vs HP
9:00pm -- Old School vs Endochoice

Thursday, September 18
6:30pm -- Young Bucks vs F.R.P.
7:30pm -- Green Wave vs Yellow Jackets
8:30pm -- Jackson 5 vs P.W.A.
9:30pm -- Kimball Farms vs Scrappers

If you need league information, please email me,

Adult basketball is played in the fall and in the spring, on Tuesdays (A) and Thursdays (B), there is no winter season.  Adult basketball is for adults 18 and up, as of the first game of the season.