Wednesday, January 6


City of Alpharetta Recreation and Parks




  Spring 2017 Men's Basketball




Registration: for Fall 2016 Men's Basketball is currently closed

Registration : for Spring 2016 Men's Basketball is January 17th- February 3

REGISTRAION FEE:  is $400 per team and an additional $25 for any player that is not a resident of the city of Alpharetta or Milton. 

When: Tuesdays (A)League and Thursdays (B) League 

Where:  Played at the ACC at the bottom of the hour beginning at 6:30pm and at the WPRC at the top of the hour starting at 7:00pm

Who: Adult basketball is for adults 18 and up, as of the first game of the season. 

Practice:  teams choose to practice they can do so during open gym time at the ACC (Alpharetta Community Center) or the WPRC (Wills Park Recreation Center).   

Registration form, roster, managers packet, and league rules ar attached at the bottom of the page.


Contact Information:


Molly Aaron






12624 Broadwell Rd


Milton, GA 30004




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