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2. - Posted February 19, 2016 1:04PM
Prom Garters / Cheer Garters


*** The Garter for Prom - It's Tradition ***

Your Prom will be part of your memories forever. This special time is all about YOU.
Everyone remembers their Prom. It's the first formal event you will experience that is geared just for you. Consider it your 'coming out' or 'promenade' into the next phase of your young adult life filled with new adventures and responsibilities.

The Prom Garter is a Keepsake that will have lasting memories of this wonderful time. It will be part of the photographs, your corsage and other treasures in your scrapbook or hide-a-way. You will treasure the thoughts of all the excitement of having your hair done in that perfect style, the crazy nail polish with the fancy design and the endless discussions with your girlfriends.

Your Prom Dress will be a gown or formal 'after five' dress in the color that most compliments you. Complete the look with fashionable shoes and purse; your beautiful accent jewelry and favorite perfume.
Your Date will be in black or white formal wear with the accent color of his vest, bow tie, and cummerbund to match YOUR gown. He will present you with a corsage (usually wrist) that will incorporate your colors. The boutonniere you give to him to be worn on his lapel will coordinate with the color scheme.

Your Prom Garter should match your gown color or it can match your jewelry in silver or gold accent. There are many choices. You can have your Prom Garter personalized with your names & event; you can have a particular charm added; you may want 2 identical garters - one for your keepsake and one to give to him; or, one a little fancier for you and not as embellished for him. Considering all circumstances, you may just want one Prom Garter for yourself or just to give to him.

You can present the Prom Garter and boutonniere to him at your home when he gives you your corsage and pictures are taken. Some high schools have a garter ceremony before the dance begins where the girl (you) removes her prom garter and gives it to here date to wear as an armband. As you see, the color of your gown, his matching accent color, and the prom garter displayed on his arm complete the look of you as a 'couple'.

Note: Unlike the bride's garter, the prom garter is meant to be removed by the girl herself (you) and given to her date to wear on his arm. The only time your prom date should come in contact with the prom garter is when YOU give it to him. He does not take it off your leg.

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Cheerleader Spirit Garters

STAR POWER - SHINE LIKE YOU MEAN IT. Cheerleader Spirit Garters in your School Colors. Homecoming Garters fit for a Queen and her Court. 175 colors to match your Homecoming Dance dress.