Arlington Youth Little League: Welcome

Concession Schedule for team workers


Below is the team assignment for working in the concession stand.  Remember, the team listed MUST have 3-4 adult/teen workers for their shift, NO EXCEPTIONS!  This will be kept current for the upcoming two weeks.  Scroll down to see the concession volunteer regulations. 

 MON. 4/21,  5-7 pm:  CP 7/8 REDS * * * * 7-9 pm:  CP 6 RANGERS

TUES. 4/22,  5-7 pm:  MINOR PHILLIES * * * * 7-9 pm:  TBall RED SOX

WED. 4/23,  5-7 pm:  CP 7/8 RED SOX * * * * 7-9 pm: TBall DIAMONDBACKS

THUR. 4/24,    5-7 pm:  INT. YANKEES * * * * 7-9 pm: CP 7/8 ORIOLES

FRI. 4/25,   5-7 pm:  MINOR ASTROS * * * * 7-9 pm:  CP 7/8 DODGERS

SAT. 4/26,  8:30-11 am:  SB SHOCKERS * * * * 11-2:30 pm:  CP 6 BRAVES

MON. 4/28,   5-7 pm:  CP 7/8 YANKEES * * * *  7-9 pm:  CP 6 REDS

TUES.  4/29,   5-7 pm:  MINOR BRAVES * * * * 7-9 pm:  TBall RANGERS

WED. 4/30,   5-7 pm: CP 7/8 REDS * * * * 7-9 pm: TBall BRAVES

THUR. 5/1,   5-7 pm:  CP 7/8 RANGERS * * * * 7-9 pm pm:  CP 7/8 GIANTS


*Concession workers MUST be 16 years of age or older, (age 14-15 may work, only with parent during the shift, but NOT handle cash).  We are happy to sign off for volunteer/service hours for the 14-18 year olds.
*No children in the stand during your shift please
*Must turn in a volunteer application, as required by International Little League rules
*3-4 adults, per shift (an AYLL Board member will help get things started and help close down)
AYLL appreciates your help and dedication to the league!



“It’s all about the kids!!!”


 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

 **The police department has asked us to let you know that there have been several car break-ins at the sports areas/parks in Arlington recently, including the Arlington Sports Complex.  They are working diligently to catch the person/people responsible for targeting the parking lots and stealing purses/wallets out of cars that were often left unlocked.  They've asked us to pass this information along, and to remind you to lock your cars doors and not leave purses and other valuables in plain sight.  Be aware of the surroundings and if you notice anyone who might be doing this, please contact SCS office immediately with any information you can provide.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

2014 Spring Registration

****IMPORTANT UPDATE February 19, 2014****

Registration for the 2014 Spring season has been completed, we are no longer accepting any registrations.  Check back this summer for FALL BALL information.

Dick's Day 2014

AYLL is again proud to announce DICK's SPORTING GOODS as a league sponsor/supporter for the 2014 season.  We would like to thank them for hosting our annual SHOPPING DAY on February 22. 
Handout: DICK'S supports AYLL


Anyone interested in being a 2014 Coach, Assisstant Coach, Manager, AYLL Volunteer, Team Mom, etc. must fill out a volunteer application.  Basically, if you plan to be on the field with the children, or volunteer in any capacity with AYLL, National Little League mandates that we have this form on file and have background checks on those individuals.  These completed forms may be turned in to David Zwissler, AYLL League Safety Officer. Click on the handout below to print.  These may be dropped off to Dave during registration, along with a copy of your driver's license.
Handout: 2014 Volunteer Application

2014 Sponsors

By sponsoring Arlington Youth Little League you are allowing us to provide a high quality activity and learning experience to our community’s youth at the lowest cost possible to the athlete. The sponsorship funds will be used for the purchase of equipment needed for the league and sponsoring children that could not otherwise afford to play.

Download our Sponsorship form (click below and follow directions on the form), and join us in investing in our community and our children. 

Handout: 2014 Sponsorship Forms

Dulin's Partnership 2014

November 26, 2013


 The first of many new programs: AYLL has partnered with Tim Dulin of Dulin's Sports Academy as our official training facility.

 About Dulin's:

Dulin's Sports Complex is the indoor home for baseball, softball, martial arts, conditioning, soccer, lacrosse, and other sports. Memphis area athletes have looked to DSC since 1994 for the best sports training and facilities in the Mid-South. This is where you’ll find the people who play year-round – either competitively or just for fun. No matter how cold, hot, or wet it is outside, DSC offers athletes a place to play any field sport whenever they want. DSC was founded by former baseball player Tim Dulin, a former two-time All-American at the University of Memphis, a member of the 1984 Team USA, and a professional player for six years.

 Dulin's offers one-on-one training with professional instructors who stress discipline through positive reinforcement. In addition to private instruction, you can attend camps, clinics, and classes, or join one of our indoor leagues. We host soccer, lacrosse, and baseball leagues, as well as martial arts classes and fitness boot camps. You may even find a game of cricket on one of our turf fields. 

 Tim Dulin is one of the most respected baseball Memphians in the area, he understands and appreciates what AYLL stands for and wants to help our league. With the help and support of Tim, we will be announcing training programs, clinics, facility use and weekend travel team opportunities.


Sprots Complex Rules

     Just a few bits of information!  Please remember that the website will have the most current information, check it often.  We also have a TWITTER account (AYLL@ArlingtonYLL) and a FACEBOOK page (TN Arlington Youth Little League) where we will put announcements and other important information. 
     We do ask that ONLY coaches (who have completed the volunteer application/had background checks) go inside of the field gates.  No other parents, siblings, etc. are permitted inside the field gates (per International Little League safety regulations), but may sit in the bleachers or along the outsides of the field fences.  Please monitor your non-ball playing children. DO NOT ALLOW them to play in the sand or dirt piles, this is for the fields and not for children to play in, throw around, etc.
The Town of Arlington has the following regulations for the sports complex.
1 - no bikes/scooters/etc. to be ridden on the inside of the sports complex.
2 - no smoking/tobacco/alcohol permitted inside the gates/complex.  
3 - no throwing or kicking any ball of any sort against the building or fences.  AYLL asks that balls only be played with in the grassy areas at the ends of the public areas between the fields, well away from the building, dugouts, and spectators.
We are looking forward to another great year!


 Practices and Games/ Rain Outs 2014

All field condition updates and rain out/cancellation notices will be listed here and on voicemail at 901-217-5024 by 4:00 pm of that day (unless emergency storm/late day heavy rain cancellation happens after 4:00 pm).  If no changes/rain outs are given by that time, please arrive at field for regular scheduled practice or game time.  

Please realize that you may think the fields look dry from outside the gates, but sometimes they are not.  At times, a morning/afternoon hard rain does not give the Town of Arlington adequate time to be able to prepare the fields as necessary for Little League safety requirements prior to scheduled games.  Whenever cancellations have to be made, the Board must, in turn, rechedule those games into an already tight schedule, so it is not a decision that is ever made lightly.  

**We have also added TWITTER as a means to update rainout notice

(addressAYLL@ArlingtonYLL  ). Thank You

DICK's Sponsors AYLL 2014

DICK'S Sporting Goods SPONSORS AYLL 2014

We are happy to announce that Arlington Youth Little League has again partnered with DICK'S Sporting Goods as an official 2014 AYLL Sponsor.  Dick's has been a tremendous supporter of AYLL for the past 4 years.  They are continuing their support again this year.  


  Each player should have the following items:
1-cleats (baseball or soccer work great, no metal....EXCEPT for boys baseball ages 13-16)
3-water bottle or jug
4-OPTIONAL bat (must meet the appropriate age/level guidelines set forth by Little League National...check the bat guidlines link)
5-OPTIONAL batting helmet
6-OPTIONAL batting gloves
7-OPTIONAL bat bag to keep all gear in

Sports Complex Guests and non-players INFO


It is extremely important that all parents, siblings, or other guests stay outside the fences of the individual ball fields, according to National Little League regulations.  Only players and coaches who have had background checks/ID badges are permitted on the playing field during all practices and games, all others will be instructed to sit in the proper place.  Parents should sit in the common areas or bleachers.  AYLL can (and will be) fined or cited if it is found we are not compliant to this regulation.   If children want to toss baseballs, kick soccer balls, etc. they must do so in the grassy areas between the complex entrances and the dugouts.  We need to keep the area around the building and bleachers free of "ball action" out of respect for our spectators.  Please help keep the complex grounds clean and safe!  Keep an eye on your non-ball playing children and clean up after yourselves. Also, please adhere to posted regulations at the gates that pertain to NOT RIDING skateboards, scooters, rollerblades, bikes, etc. inside the complex.  *****In addition, there have already been instances of children playing hide and seek in the restrooms (and other areas of the building off limits to children) and making messes.  It is extremely unsanitary for children to be playing in the restrooms.  Some Board Members have had to correct these children multiple times (with a few children arguing back with the adult), and it will not be tolerated further.  If this continues to be an issue, the bathrooms will be locked, and an adult will need to go to the board member on duty for the key to take their child to the restroom. Please, help the AYLL Board in keeping our facility safe and monitor your own children.

Bat Size Guidelines

Pitcher Rest Guidelines


PHONE (Voice Mail): 901-217-5024