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Welcome and Table of Contents
Welcome to the Team Webmaster Tips & Policies page. The purpose of this page is to provide guidance to team webmasters and other users of the ASBR website in the following areas:
General Website Policies
1. Website Safety Policies
2. Website Decorum Policies

Team Webmaster Guidelines
1. Accessing the Admin Portion of the Website
2. Team Website Features
3. Entering Game Scores
4. Be Unbiased - Not a Homer
5. Photo Filing System
6. Building Your Team's Website

Hints/Tips for Team Webmasters
1. Helpful Hints from the ASBR Webmaster
2. Intermediate Webmaster Tips

General Website Policies

Website Safety Policies
The following points highlight the Arlington Senior Babe Ruth policies regarding the use of names and images on the ASBR website:
· Names. First and last names of all ASBR players may be included on team rosters, in game summaries and in other articles or other text on the website.
· Photos and images. Photographs and other images of all ASBR players may be included on team rosters, in game summaries and in other articles or other text on the website.
· Names and photos. Player names and player photographs may be used together to identify a player.
· Player e-mails. Player e-mail addresses will only be included in association with the player's name and/or photograph if such e-mail address is submitted by the player and entered by a team webmaster.

While ASBR does not believe any significant risk is associated with the above policies, as it applies to 13-18 year olds, the following exceptions to the ASBR website policies are available to any parent, for any reason, at any time:
· Picture of a single player: can be limited to use with only first name identification, no name identification or an outright ban on single player pictures.
· Group pictures: can be limited to first name identification or no name identification.
· Name use: can be limited to first name only, first name and last initial, or no name at all.

If any parent wishes to apply any of the above provisions to his or her child, please contact your team webmaster.
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Website Decorum Policies
When adding any information to any team webpage, the Guestbook or a Bulletin Board, the following policies must be followed by all ASBR website Members, Coaches and Helpers:
1. All comments, statements, editorials, opinions, etc. included on the website should be constructive in nature and generally positive in approach.
2. No derogatory statements of any kind about other players, coaches, parents, umpires, etc. will be tolerated.
3. Depending on the context and the tone, good natured bantering and/or mild trash talk may be acceptable in limited circumstances - e.g., on a Bulletin Board. Any material violating this policy will be deleted from the website. The ASBR webmaster, as proxy for the Board will generally make this determination.
4. Repeated violations of this policy will result in the termination of website privileges for any person violating these policies.
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Team Webmaster Tips

Accessing the Admin Portion of the Website
The eteamz system is extremely easy to use. If you can click, you can type, and you can access the Internet, that's all the training you really need to be an eteamz webmaster.

To enter game scores, add articles, upload pictures, add calendar items or make any other changes to a team website, a Coach or Helper needs to access the Admin portion of the website. From any page of the website, just click on the Admin label to go to the log-in page. Just bookmark this page to make it easier to access it in the future. Next, the Coach/Helper User Name and Password must be entered. After this is successfully completed, the user will have rights to make changes to all portions of the team website.
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Team Website Features
The following features on the team website are controlled by the Coach/Helper and are accessed by entering the Admin section of the website:

· Welcome - the message that appears at the top of the Team Home page.

· Team News - just enter text for any team news; images, photos, audio and video can easily be added to the news item.

· Calendar - team games will automatically appear on the team Calendar, but the entries for any other occasion can easily be entered.

· Schedule
· Games -to schedule/reschedule game dates, times, opponents and locations
· Scores/Stats - to enter game scores, game write-ups and statistics (stats are a future enhancement)
· Practices - to enter team practices
· Locations - to add practice game locations (no entries should be required)

· Rosters - to enter highlights, photos and other information about players and coaches

· Display - to change site colors, contact person, logo and website counter

· Uploads - to upload photos, images, sounds, videos or files for a team's website
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Entering Game Scores
Once a user has entered the Admin section of the website, entering game scores is very easy. Just complete the following steps:

• Click on Schedule & Results - three options will drop down
• Click on Scores - this will give you a list the different ASBR Divisions
• Click on the Division that your team is in - this will bring up a list of all the games on the schedule that have been played, or scheduled to have been played, as of the current date.
• Click on the pencil image on the same line as the game for which you want to enter a score and highlights.
• Enter the score, hits and errors in the box score, plus a write up for the game in the Game Summary section. You can also add a picture to the write-up by selecting a pre-existing photo or upload a new photo by clicking on the applicable button.
• Once the data entry is complete, just click on Update Game to post the score.
• Check to see if the score posted correctly by clicking Check the Site!

Follow the exact same process to make any amendments to any data on the page.

The game data should be entered by the winning team and should be completed within 24 hours of the completion of the game; the earlier that you can enter the game score, the better - even if you need a little longer to complete and post the Game Summary.
The only people with access to game scores are registered Coaches and Helpers for the two competing teams, plus the ASBR webmaster.

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Be Unbiased - Not a Homer
Please try to write highlights from the perspective of a neutral observer, rather than that of a hometown writer - aka a "homer." This will be difficult at first, but by using the team rosters available on the website or the ASBR program and your team's score book, you should have sufficient information to write a balanced version of the game highlights.
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Photo Filing System
We strongly encourage the use of photos on your team's website. To make it easier to find and maintain your own files, the ASBR webmaster asks that you follow the following convention for naming your files before you upload them:
· First digit = 0: for the current year (2000)
· Second digit = A-D for the league: A-Prep. B-Alliance. C-American. D-Senior.
· Third digit = 1-9 for your team's number on the game schedule.
· Other digits are at the team webmaster's discretion.

The Prep League photos (.jpg files) or images (.gif files) should start as follows:
1. Dodgers - 0A1xxxxx
2. Pirates - 0A2xxxxx
3. Yankees - 0A3xxxxx
4. Red Sox - 0A4xxxxx
5. Athletics - 0A5xxxxx
6. Orioles - 0A6xxxxx
7. Phillies - 0A7xxxxx

The Alliance League photos should start as follows:
1. Cardinals - 0B1xxxxx
2. Marlins - 0B2xxxxx
3. Braves - 0B3xxxxx
4. Orioles - 0B4xxxxx
5. Yankees - 0B5xxxxx
6. White Sox - 0B6xxxxx
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Building Your Team's Website
So you just volunteered - or got volunteered - to build/maintain your team's website and you're probably wondering where to start. Based upon the previous experience of the webmaster, here are some ideas:

Responsibilities You Must Perform
1. Enter the scores, box scores and game summaries for all that game in which your team is victorious.
2. Comply with the ASBR website decorum policies.

Bells and Whistles
1. Enter a team roster, possibly including a picture the coaches and players .
2. Solicit, collect and then add background information for the players and coaches. Click on
Handouts to download a Word file with a list of sample background information questions for parents and coaches.
3. Put pictures into text of Game Summaries and other write-ups. By following the html format shown with Intermediate Webmaster Tips, you can easily add small player photos to the text of your Game Summaries.
4. Make an online team newsletter a feature of your Team News.
5. Create individual player highlight webpages. By entering individual player highlights for each player by clicking on the pencil by a player's name on the Team Roster page, by the end of the season, each player will have his own personalized webpage, complete with highlights from the season. Photographs can easily be uploaded at the top of each player's page.
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Hints/Tips for Team Webmasters

Helpful Hints from the ASBR Webmaster
Based upon previous experience, the ASBR webmaster recommends that you adhere to the following practices with using the Admin features of the website:

1. Draft your work before posting it in Admin. Not very often, but on occasion, your browser may crash or the website may lock up while you're entering data. If you're at the end of composing the final touches from the highlights of an exciting game and the system locks up, well, let's just say you don't want to go there - it's not pretty. If you're just posting a score, it's no big deal. However, if you are drafting a news item, updating a player's roster or entering a game summary, you'll definitely want to prepare and save your text in a word processing program before you log-in to

2. Keep the website open in one window while you work on Admin in another window. As soon as you complete and enter a score, a news item, etc. in Admin, all you have to do is click the Reload button on your browser to see how the most recent change looks on the website. This approach also works well if you want to build a link to somewhere else in the website as you can just cut and paste from the target address in the location window on your browser.

3. If the system is slower than normal, come back later. While it occurs only rarely, sometimes the system is slow because of heavy traffic or it sends error messages due to system maintenance. Don't get frustrated. Do the bare minimum of business at the time (e.g., get your game score entered) and come back later to do any other Admin activities.
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Intermediate Webmaster Tips
This page of the ASBR website, introducing the eteamz system, flatly stated that the system is so easy to use that if you can click, you can type, and you can access the Internet, that's all the training you need to be an eteamz webmaster. But what if you want to do a little more as a team webmaster?

A separate Word document can be downloaded here Intermediate Web Tips that includes tips on how to include the following features in your website:
· Underline, Bold, Italics and Centering
· Link to a Webpage
· Internal Link
· Photo or Graphic in Text
· e-mail Link
· Change Font Size
· Justify Right
· Image within a Link
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