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Welcome to Arlington Senior Babe Ruth (ASBR) baseball, a league for players between the ages 13-18. This website was established to keep our players, coaches, volunteers, parents, family and friends of ASBR players up to date with the latest league information.


Friday, March 13
Spring Training Underway


Spring training is underway for the Prep and Alliance leagues.  The practice schedule for the Prep and Alliance league for March 14th is:   

All practices at Barcroft 6:  

  • 9-10:30 Schneider
  • 10-11:30 Monticello
  • 11-12:30 Currier/Spitz
  • 12-1:30 Bergsman
  • 1-2:30 Roberts
  • 2-3:30 Andrukonis
  • 3-4:30 Dangel
  • 4-5:30 Fineman
  • 5-6:30 Sundwick
  • 6-7:30 Henry
  • 7-8:30 Shreve

 Don't forget to call the Arlington County weather line at 703/228-4715 before heading to practice for the latest field information.




Friday, March 6
Prep and Alliance Group Practice Schedule Change


UPDATE, Friday, March 6th

We've had to make another change to the group workouts this Sunday. Due to GW's rescheduled game, we are not able to get on the Barcroft 6 field till 6:30pm.

With that in mind, we have cancelled the Alliance (14/15 year olds) group practice. All Alliance players will hear late next week from their coaches about team assignments and practice information. First practices are scheduled for Saturday, March 14th.

The Prep league (13 year olds) will have it's group practice for all players Sunday, March 8th from 6:30 to 8:30pm at Barcroft 6. Potential coaches are also encouraged to come to help with on-field practice.

We're sorry for the changes at this late date, but the weather has not been kind. If you can not make workout, you will hear from a coach late next week about team assignment and practice information, along with the rest of the Prep and Alliance league players. First practices are scheduled for Saturday, March 14th.

Inclement Weather: Please call the Recreation Department’s Inclement Weather Hotline at 703-228-4715 on the day of the event to learn if the above schedule has been changed or cancelled.


Thursday, February 12
ASBR 2015 Spring League Group Practice Information

Arlington Senior Babe Ruth family -

Registration for the 2015 spring Arlington Senior Babe Ruth (ASBR) season continues.  If you haven't registered yet, please do so at

Two leagues will start in March: the Prep League, consisting of all players who are 13-years-old, and the Alliance League, for 14- and 15-year-olds who are not playing on a high school team. The American League, for 14/15-year olds who are playing on a high school team, will begin in early-May.


All players should plan to attend the following group practice sessions which will officially kick off the spring 2015 Arlington Senior Babe Ruth season. Potential coaches are also encouraged to come to help with on-field practices.

Saturday, March 7, 2015 – Group Practice

All Prep (13 year-old players)

13-year-olds Last Names begin with A-K: 1:30 pm – 3:15 pm at Greenbrier 3/Yorktown High School

13-year-olds Last Names begin with L-Z: 3:30 pm – 5:15 pm at Greenbrier 3/Yorktown High School

All Alliance (14/15-year-old players who are not on high school team)

3:30pm – 5:15pm at Quincy/Washington-Lee High School

Sunday, March 8, 2015 – Group Practice

All Prep Players: 3:00 – 4:30 pm at Barcroft 6 - Optional workout (mandatory if rained out Saturday)

All Alliance Players: 4:30 - 6:00pm at Barcroft 6 (will only be held if rained out on Saturday)

If you cannot attend the practice for which you are scheduled based on your last name, please attend the other session if possible.

Inclement Weather: Please call the Recreation Department’s Inclement Weather Hotline at 703-228-4715 on the day of the event to learn if the above schedule has been changed or cancelled.

Seniors - The 16-18 year old program plans on again adding some innovations to be even more attractive to both high school team players and recreational players. The league will begin mid-May. A separate notice will be sent to eligible players next month.


Michael Krulfeld, President

Arlington Senior Babe Ruth Baseball


Monday, January 12
Spring 2015 Registration Now Open!


Great News! The 2015 baseball season will soon be here and registration is now open for our 13-year-old Prep league and our 14 to 15-year-old Alliance and American leagues! On behalf of the officers and coaches of Arlington Senior Babe Ruth Baseball, I hope you have had a restful and productive off-season, and are ready to play some baseball. We would like to especially welcome all 13-year-olds to Arlington Senior Babe Ruth. Arlington Senior Babe Ruth Baseball incorporates players from both the Arlington Little League and Arlington Cal Ripken programs. It is the only open enrollment baseball program in the county for 13-year-old players.

All 13 year-old players participate in the Prep League – a program that has successfully transitioned players to the larger field for decades. The season begins in March with open practices (March 7-8), followed by the formation of teams, and then team practices. Teams practice two times a week until early April, when league play begins. League play usually involves two games per week plus a week day practice until early June, followed by a league championship tournament. It is a core principle of Arlington Senior Babe Ruth to field balanced teams to ensure fair and competitive games.

The regular season experience, along with the opportunity to participate in a competitive and comprehensive all-star post-season, enables all players to receive instruction from experienced coaches, improve their skills and continue playing baseball with and against friends. 

District and Travel All-Star teams for all players who are interested are selected in early June. The all-star season runs from mid June through July with weekday practices and weekend tournaments.  Those players wishing to be on the district all-star team will be expected to commit to practices and tournaments from mid June through at least mid July. 

For the 14 to 15-year-old players, there are two different leagues. The Alliance League is for players who are not participating in a school baseball program. This league begins with practices in early March. Games will start in early April. League play usually involves two games per week through early June, followed by a league championship tournament. All-Star teams are selected in early June, and All-Star play extends through late July.

The American League is designed for players who participate in their high school baseball programs and commences at the conclusion of the high school season. There are no practices in this league with games beginning in mid-May. League play involves two to three games per week through late June, and is followed by a league championship tournament. All-Star teams are selected in June and an extensive all-star season extends through the end of July.

We request that players register as soon as possible. Doing so will greatly assist our program in planning for the upcoming season by enabling us to more accurately estimate the number of teams we will field, and our corresponding uniform, equipment, field and volunteer needs. The registration fee for the spring 2015 season is $155. This fee includes a County imposed $8 per player charge. To help defray league expenses you may also include a tax deductible contribution with your registration fee.

ASBR's prefered method of registration is to use our new on-line registration and payment system. Please click here or on the clipboard above to begin the on-line registration process.   If you would rather register the traditional way, you can download the registration forms here.

The 2015 season promises to be better than ever. Along with all our coaches and volunteers, I look forward to your participation. If you have any questions please email us at Thank you for your interest.


Michael Krulfeld, President, ASBR


Thursday, December 18
Spring 2015 Registration Will Be Open Soon

Registration for the 2015 spring season of Arlington's Senior Babe Ruth league will be open in soon.  Check back often for registration updates.


Monday, November 17
Winter Baseball Skills Development Opportunities


Dear coaches, players, and parents: Although winter is now upon us the opportunities for learning and playing baseball are seasonalless. To enhance your own skills and understanding of the game and that of your children we invite you to take advantage various clinics available throughout the winter season.  Please click on the links below to get details about these of these exciting opportunities.

Virginia Baseball Club Players Clinics 

Marymount University Baseball Camps 

Starting Lineup Hitting Clinics - (click here for flyer)


Thursday, March 6
ASBR/Express Letter to 12 Year Old Players

Dear Parents of Arlington 12-Year Old Baseball Players:

As you and your ballplayer prepare for the upcoming Spring/Summer baseball season, we know that the Fall feels like a long way away, but we want to reach out to you now to describe what comes next for ballplayers in Arlington so that they are prepared for the transition from the 60-foot diamond to the 90-foot diamond.

As you know, this Spring/Summer season is the final season that your ballplayer is eligible to play in Arlington Cal Ripken Babe Ruth, Arlington Little League, and Arlington Travel Baseball.

The opportunities for 13-year-olds to continue playing baseball in Arlington are playing Arlington Senior Babe Ruth (ASBR) and ASBR’s travel option, a partnership with the Express Baseball Club, supported by the Virginia Baseball Club (VBC).

 We have made several significant changes to both programs for the coming year which we believe will strengthen the baseball experience that we are able to provide Arlington players at the 13U level. These include:


  • The selection of Dan Pototsky as the fall 2014 Express 13 year-old coach;
  • The selection of Mark Murray as the ASBR 13 year-old all-star manager (summer 2015);
  • The addition of one travel tournament to the spring 2015 Express schedule;
  • And a commitment to increased scheduling integration to allow for more competitive Express game play and intensive practice instruction.
Arlington Senior Babe Ruth
Arlington Senior Babe Ruth offers Fall ball, a Spring regular season, and Summer All-Stars as follows:
Fall Ball: This game-only league runs from early September to early November. As the first exposure to the 90-foot diamond for many rising 13 year-olds, this league pairs 13s and 14s and offers two games a week in Arlington. Participation in the Fall ball program does not affect eligibility for the Spring regular season or the Summer All-Star season. However, it provides an excellent opportunity to gain experience on the larger diamond and to play with one’s friends.
Spring Prep League: This league incorporates all 13s and features local practices and games. Teams are formed in mid-March and two practices are held weekly until mid-April when games begin. The game season extends through the middle of June and culminates with an end-of-season tournament. Players in this league are able to explore various positions and can form strong bonds with teammates as they play with their friends on local high school fields and Barcroft Park, home of the George Washington University Colonials. Players also can be nominated to one of two Memorial Day weekend tournament teams for additional experience in a tournament setting.
Summer All-Stars: ASBR sponsors two 13 year-old All-Star teams that accommodate all interested players. Both teams begin practices June 21 and have a full practice and tournament schedule through July 24. The top team (district) will play in four to five tournaments and will have daily practices, providing high-level instruction six days a week, excellent preparation for high school baseball. Players must commit to the schedule in its entirety to be on the district team, whose play culminates with official Babe Ruth tournament action where the winning team advances to states and beyond – a common occurrence for our summer All-Star teams. In fact, in the past three years, we have had three district champions, one state champion and seven state-qualifying teams. Mark Murray, assistant varsity coach at John Champe High School in Loudon and former all-district pitcher at Yorktown High School, will coach the 13 year-old all-star team. The other summer All-Star team also has a complete tournament schedule but allows those players who may miss time due to vacation or camp to participate in 4-5 day a week summer baseball action. Players must play in the spring Prep League in order to be eligible to participate on either summer All-Star team.
Express Baseball Club
The Express Baseball Club was started in the fall of 2007, working in concert with ASBR, to help prepare players for high school baseball and beyond. The idea was to offer players who wanted to play at a higher level the opportunity to tryout to do so in Arlington and the city of Falls Church.
It is a great source of pride for both ASBR and the Express that along with Arlington Little League and Cal Ripken Babe Ruth, we have helped many players to have successful high school careers and beyond, with players playing collegiate baseball over the past two years at schools including Georgia Tech, George Washington, VMI, Kenyon College, Randolph-Macon, and Christopher Newport. The class of 2013 was the first group of players to enter the Express program as 13 year-olds and go all the way through the program. In last spring’s National District Championship game matching W-L against Yorktown there were 29 players (13 for W-L, 16 for Yorktown) who played in the Express program.
Dan Pototsky runs the Express program and will coach the 2014-15 Fall and Spring Express 13U team. Coach Pototsky was a former All-Met player at W-L and went on to set records at the University of Kentucky. He was the head varsity baseball coach at W-L from 1988 to 1995 where he led the Generals to several district championships. Coach Pototsky is a Physical Education teacher at Ashlawn Elementary.
Fall Program: Teams will practice one to two times a week and play doubleheaders on Sundays with 4 games scheduled during the week over the course of the Fall for 22 scheduled games. Players are welcome to play but not required to play in Senior Babe Ruth during the Fall season. The Fall game season runs from early September through early November. Some evening practices may be scheduled at the VBC Merrifield Facility as well, and this facility may also be used to substitute for regular outdoor practices should there be inclement weather and space available. These practices will be designed primarily for hitting, pitching, and catching. Tryouts for the fall 2014 Express team will be held in March.
Winter Program: Coaches will meet with players once a week for one hour for 14 weeks in the winter at the VBC Merrifield Facility (the exact schedule for dates/times at VBC will be posted during the Fall).
Spring Program: Teams will practice once a week and play doubleheaders on Sundays for 16-18 scheduled games. The Spring season will run from mid-March through the weekend before Memorial Day. We are strongly considering having the teams participate in a late March travel kick-off tournament in addition to regular game play. Players are also expected to play Senior Babe Ruth in addition to the Express in the Spring so that they are eligible to try out for their Babe Ruth All-Star teams in the Summer, which generally begin play on Memorial Day weekend.
Summer: The Express program is not active in the Summer to allow for Babe Ruth All-Star teams to compete in tournament play. The program picks back up again in the Fall.
We will be in touch soon regarding more details about the Fall season.
However, if your ballplayer is interested in being considered for the Fall 2014 13 year-old Express program, the Express will hold tryouts on the following date. If your ballplayer is interested in trying out for the team, please contact Dan Pototsky at the email below to RSVP.
March 24th 6:30-9:30 pm at Barcroft Park
The Express team(s) for Fall 2014 will be selected by April 4th
Please don’t hesitate to contact us at the email addresses below should you have any questions about what comes next for your ballplayer on the baseball diamond.
Mike Krulfeld Arlington Senior Babe Ruth President
Dan Pototsky
Express Baseball Club General Manager


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ASBR Divisions

During the Spring, ASBR offers the following divisions:

• Prep League (Age 13)

• Alliance League (Ages 14-15)

• American League (Ages 14-15)

• Senior League (Ages 16-18)


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