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Arkansas Phenix Softball Organization

Arkansas Phenix was originally founded by Brent Mills.  Brent originally put together the Heartbreakers  to provide young female athletes from Arkansas a team to play the sport they love at a competitive level.  As the girls grew up, the team organization took shape and became the Arkansas Phenix. 

Arkansas Phenix Gold has grown to be recognized as one of the top up and coming teams in the nation.  We compete against the best teams from across the USA.  We are dedicated to putting Arkansas fastpitch on the map.  We compete on a national level with select invites from the Colorado Fireworks, Ronald McDonald, Hawaii Kaikamahine Showcase, Pennsylvania Invitational, etc...  We encourage athletes from the state of Arkansas and surrounding states that are ready to take that next step and want to truly compete on a national level and showcase their skills in front of college coaches from all levels to contact us.  Please refer to the college commitment page to see the athletes that have chosen to take their athletic career to the next level. 

Arkansas Phenix is dedicated to helping young athletes reach their goals of playing at the collegiate level.  We believe to be our best we must play the best!  By playing the best, this gives our athletes a chance to showcase their skill.  We truly believe that playing a team sport at a competitive level helps to teach our young ladies the critical life lessons that they will need as adults.  Arkansas Phenix believes that softball teaches more than just softball skills.  It teaches leadership, commitment, how to overcome adversity, character, how to carry oneself on and off the field, and the value of supporting one another.  Arkansas Phenix knows that finding the right college is a long process and should not be taken lightly.  We are committed to helping the athlete find the right collegiate fit for her and her family.   

Recruiting is headed by Coach Monty Littlefield and the organization's manager Perry Horton. 

The Arkansas Phenix Gold is coached by Monty Littlefield and assistant coach DeWayne Wagnon.  

The Arkansas Phenix 16U is Coached by Brian Kinsey. 

The Arkansas Phenix 14U is coached by Charlie Sticklen.


You are a Winner because, ...

Winners take chances.  Like everyone else they fear failing, but they refuse to let that fear contol them.

Winners don't give up.  When the going gets tough they fight harder and they find a way until the going gets better

Winners are flexible.  They realize that there is more than just one way, and they keep working hard until they find a way that works.

Winners know that they are not perfect.  They respect their weaknesses, but are sure to make the most of their strengths.

Winners accept responsibility.  Winners don't blame fate for their failures, nor luck for their success.

Winners are positive thinkers.  They find good things in all and take their negative energy and focus it into a positive.

Winners believe in themselves.  They believe that they have only failed if they have failed to try.

Winners are patient.  They know a goal is only as worthy as the effort that's required to achieve it.

Laken Gray 2012
Laken Gray
Monday, August 20

Laken Gray inks with Williams Baptist College!  Laken Gray is a 2013 graduate from Pottsville, Arkansas.  Laken is a specimen behind the dish and at the dish!  The Lady Eagles will be getting a great athlete and a great young lady!  Go Eagles!!



Anna Thomas
Anna Thomas!
Monday, August 20
Anna Thomas

Anna Thomas commits to the University of Memphis!  Anna is a 2013 graduate from Bentonville High School.  Anna is an awesome first baseman, a great captain behind the plate, and will wreak havoc with her stick!  She will be a great addition to their program and can't wait to watch her over the next four years!  Go Tigers!!


Abby Molenhouse
Friday, July 6

Abby Molenhouse will ink with University of Memphis this fall!  Abby is a 2013 graduate from Mountain Home, Arkansas.  University of Memphis will be lucky to have her at their HOT corner!  Congratulations Abby!! GOOOOOO  TIGERS!!!!

Maylie Bain 2012
Maylie Bain
Friday, July 6

Congratulations to Maylie Bain!!!  Maylie has committed To Southern Arkansas University!! Maylie is from Searcy, Arkansas and is a 2013 graduate from Harding Academy.  Can't wait to see you in the circle girl!  Whoop!  Whoop!!  Gooooo Muleriders!

Haleigh Ross Pic 2012
Haleigh Ross
Friday, July 6

Go Tigers Go!

Haleigh Ross commits to the University of Memphis!  Haleigh is a 2013 graduate from Naples, Florida.  Haleigh will certainly prove to be a big asset for the University of Memphis at the plate as well as behind it!  Congratulations Haleigh!!


Autumn Glenn.jpg
Autumn Glenn
Friday, March 16
Gabby Glenn

Autumn Glenn, 2012 Graduate from Covington, Tennessee, inks with the University of Tennessee- Martin!

Gabby Glenn, Junior from Covington, Tennessee, verbals to the University of Tennessee - Martin!!!

WOW! UT Martin is very lucky to have these awesome young ladies!  They will dominate on the mound and in the infield and can't wait to see those sticks! The Ohio Valley Conference will never know what hit 'em! Go Skyhawks!!

Ariel McDonald
Wednesday, February 8

Congratulations to Ariel McDonald!  Ariel is a 2012 graduate from Wake Village, Texas.  Ariel will continue her softball career in the circle and continue her education at Hendrix College!  Way to go, Ariel!  You will look so great in your Warrior colors!

Tori Lemieux

Shout Out to Tori Lemieux! Tori is a 2012 gradute of  Rosebud, Arkansas High School. She will be continuing her softball and education at the University of the Ozarks!  Her speed and versatility will be a great addition to the Ozarks program!!

Kyndra Meeker

Congratulations Kyndra Meeker! Kyndra is a 2012 gradute of  Gravette High School. She will be continuing her softball and education at the University of the Ozarks!  Kyndra is very speedy and versatile and will be a great addition to the Ozarks! 

Triple Threat added to the Ozark Lady Eagles' Roster! 

                                                       Ozark Lady Eagles


Amber Rollins

Congratulations to Amber Rollins!  Amber is a pitcher and a 2011 Graduate from Searcy Arkansas High School.  Amber has committed to take her softball career to the next level and play at the University of the Ozarks where she will pursue her goal of becoming a physical therapist!


Brittany Wagnon

Congratulations to Brittany Wagnon! Brittany is a first baseman and a 2011 graduate from Pryor Oklahoma High School.  Brittany has committed to take her softball career to the next level and play at the University of the Ozarks where she will pursue her goal of becoming a chiropractor!

Reagan Littlefield

Congratulations to Reagan Littlefield! Reagan is a catcher and a 2011 graduate from Adair Oklahoma High School.  Reagan has committed to take her softball career to the next level and play at the University of the Ozarks where she will pursue her goal of becoming an orthodontist!

Sarah 2.jpg
Sarah Sticklen

A big shout out to Sarah Sticklen!  Sara is a third baseman and a 2011 graduate from Joplin Missouri High School.  Sarah has committed to taking her education and softball skills to the next level at University of Chicago!

Kacie Ballard
Sunday, August 7
arkansas tech university logoCongratulations to Kacie Ballard!  Kacie is a middle infielder and outfielder and a 2011 Graduate from Fort Smith High School.  Kacie has committed to take her softball career to the next level and play at Arkansas Tech University!

Brittany Nunley

High Fives to Brittany Nunley!  Brittany is an outfielder and a 2011 graduate of Pryor Oklahoma High School.  Brittany will be pursing her nursing career and taking her softball to the next level at Rogers State University!  Go Hillcats!

Tiffany Roby
Tiffany Roby

Congratulations to Tiffany Roby!  Tiffany is a shortstop and a 2011 graduate from North Little Rock Arkansas High School.  Tiffany has committed to attending University of Central Arkansas!  Go Bears!

Morganne Tipton

Congratulations to Morganne Tipton!  Morganne is an outfielder and a 2011 graduate from Searcy Arkansas High School.  Morganne sealed the deal with Lyons College! Way to go Morganne!  Go Scots!

Meghan Smith

Woop Woop to Meghan Smith!  Meghan Smith is an infielder and a 2011 gradute of  Huntsville, Arkansas High School.  She will be continuing her softball and education at the University of the Ozarks where she will be pursuing her early childhood education degree.