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Saturday, June 5


 Currently there are 2 fundraisers in progress.  Each girl should have her information to sell tickets for the upcoming Naturals Baseball game at Arvest Park on June 24th.  The tickets are to be sold for $8.00 each.  The money should be turned in to April by June 17th so tickets can be printed and distributed before the game.

 The second fundraiser is the pancake breakfast at Applebee's.  The girls should all have their tickets to sell for the event on July 3rd.  The tickets are $5.00 and as many tickets as possible need to be sold. 

These are 2 very good fundraisers and will prove to be quite profitable for the girls if they put forth the effort to sell as many tickets as possible.

Please help and encourage your superstar to sell as many tickets as she possibly can.

Thursday, October 21
Sarah Throgmorton
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