Arizona Saguaros Volleyball Club: What You Get!

What are Saguaros Player Fees? 

Player Fees vary depending on the team's level of play, it should be noted that all teams will travel at least twice in the season. Saguaros has made every effort to be very straight forward in their pricing structure, so that there are NO SURPRISES from month to month. Player Fees are ALL-INCLUSIVE, meaning, once a player is selected and committed to a team, Player Fee payments to Saguaros remain consistent throughout the entire season, whether on a travel team or not.

Once a player makes a team and accepts that offer, there will be an initial Commitment Fee paid to Saguaros at the culmination of tryouts, when teams are formed. This fee ranges from $350-$400 depending on the team's level. Then, starting in December, six monthly payments will be made through May, at which time the total Player Fees will be paid in full. 

Payments may be made by Cash, Check:

Make all payments at practices

Team Expectations:

All N2 teams will travel twice to over-night multi-day events and will practice two times per week. These teams are not expected to qualify for JOs.

All N1 team will travel three times to over-night multi-day events like national qualifiers and invitationals, some will practice three times a week, and are expected to qualify for JOs.

All R1 teams are non-travel teams, will practice twice per week, and may participate in additional events.  Team players will be invoiced for extra events. 

 What's INCLUDED in the Commitment and Player Fees?

  • For ALL teams: The Commitment + Player Fees include:
    • The second half of the player's USAV membership (parents pay first half online)
    • AAU players membership
    • Uniform costs, which minimally includes: Practice shirt, one pair of Spandex, 2 jerseys, back pack, warm up pants and jacket. Saguaros has also provided in the past and may provide some extras such as Gatorade water bottle, socks, and/or knee pads, depending on supplier.
    • Gym Rental at Arizona's premier indoor volleyball facility, Atkinson 4-Court Facility
    • AZ Region Team Fees
    • AZ Region Tournament Entry Fees
      • Club and Championship Division Teams participate in a 6 local Region Power Tournaments and 1 Region Championship.
      • Open Division Teams participate in 4 Region Power Tournaments and 1 Region Championship.
    • Entry fees for two or three travel events once selected 
    • Coaches' Salaries (minimum of two USAV Impact Certified coaches per team)
    • Continuing Education for Coaches
    • Player Referee and Scorekeeping training
    • Equipment
    • Free Summer and Fall Camps hosted by our staff.  (A total of 8 camps) begins in 2015
    • Miscellaneous Administrative costs.
  • Travel Team Player Fees ALSO include:
    • Sports Performance Training at all practices 
    • Additional Practice time 1-3 times a month depending on team
    • Position Training
    • All in Season Travel Tournament Entry fees    

    Please see the Tournament Schedule for slated travel tournaments for each team

    • 12U-18U National 1 Teams AZ National Qualifier entry included ( We will only accept the National Bid if we place 1st or 2nd, in the qualifier, we will not accept the trickle down Bid).   
    • Coaches Travel and Hotel expenses, and daily tournament per diem of $40 per coach.
    • Post-Season Play at the Volleyball Festival/Summer Soiree or any post season event.  
    • Teams that earn a Bid to the USAV National Championships or decide to attend any post season event will incur an additional expense to be invoiced separately.
    • Miscellaneous administrative costs associated with booking and travel.

What is NOT included in the Player Fees:

  • Post season practice and tournament fees . (Due June 1st) $400 per player due June 1st
  • Player tournament food, both local and travel. (Though we try to book at hotels that provide breakfast, we cannot guarantee it.)
  • Baggage Fees, when required by the airline, are up to each player.
  • Additional tournaments any team may opt to participate in
    • There are various 1-3 day "friendship" tournaments offered throughout Arizona that teams may choose to enter, at coach's discretion. (Entry fees into these events are extra)
  • Fees associated with travel and participation in the USAV or AAU National Championships are not included. Teams must qualify for this event at a National Qualifier, and the associated costs for participation and travel will be invoiced separately in May.


    Description this is an example of events we attend, some may differ depending on scheduling.

    Any questions please call Tracy at 623-341-7399

    National 1 N1 Teams are scheduled to travel three times, and are expected to qualify for JOs

    National 2 N2 Teams are scheduled to travel two times. Not expected to qualify. 

    AZ Region Power

    All teams will play in the AZ Region Power Tournaments in either the Open, Championship or Club Divisions. About 6 local Power events

    Saguaros Event
    2014 Ice Breaker
    Atkinson School

    All Saguaros teams will play in this event hosted by our club, free to all Saguaros teams.

    2015 Cactus Classic Tucson overnight N1,N2 teams           


    The Cactus Classic is a three day tournament held over MLK weekend in Tucson. It's season kick-off travel tournament. Parents will transport their players to and from the tournament. Information will be made available should parents want to book their own rooms at the same hotel. Entry Fee paid by the club.



    No Dinx / NCVA Girl’s President’s Day Tourn N1,N2 teams


    This tournament is held in San Jose California 12U & 18Us teams. Each player will be responsible for their travel to and from San Jose. It is about a 5-7 hour drive and we will have directions to our accommodations prior to departure.
    *Please note: Should the club determine that another tournament is better suited, we will adjust accordingly. Entry fee paid by the club.   



    New Event for Saguaros 2015   

    Arizona NQ All N1 teams


    This is the AZ Region National Qualifier and our top teams will compete for a trip to Jr Nationals. Any team that qualifies is obligated to represent the AZ Region at the Jr Nationals tournament in late June.  Post season fees will apply if teams qualify for travel and practice time. Entry fee paid by the club. We will only accept the Arizona bid if we place first or second, we will not accept the trickle down bid as a qualification for JOs.

    New Event for Saguaros 2015   

    Far Western Reno

    All N1 teams NQ (April)

    These tournaments are also National Qualifying events. The 12U-18U National teams will compete in two or more of these events. Determination will be made based on age division dates, and air travel and hotel options. The tournament selection will be communicated by early January. Entry fee paid by the club.

    Saguaros Event
    2015 Memorial Day Classic
    May 2015
    Atkinson School
    All Saguaros teams will play in this event hosted by our club, free to all Saguaros teams.

    AZ Region Champ (April/May)

    All teams will participate in the end of the season Region Championships. This is a full day tournament played in the Phoenix Metro area.

    2015 AAU West Coast Championships
    All N1,N2 teams
    Las Vegas
    May 2015 
     This events is hosted by AAU in Las Vegas, selected teams will attend, Entry fee paid by the club.

    The SCVA 7th Annual Summer Soiree
    Southern California (Disney) ? All N1 teams if they dont qualify
    June 2015

    This events is hosted by the SCVA in Southern California, selected teams will attend.  This is a great end of the year travel event. Post season fees paid by each player include tournament entry fee, travel fee, practice fee.  The cost for this tournament will be assessed and invoiced at the end of the Region season in April. 



    * USAV Jr Nationals (June) All N1 teams that qualify     

    This tournament is not included in the Player Fees. Those teams that quality at one of the sanctioned USAV National Qualifying tournaments will represent the AZ Region at the Jr Nationals tournament. The cost for this tournament will be assessed and invoiced at the end of the Region season in April. Same applies for AAU Nationals or AAU West Coast Championships.