Arizona Saguaros Volleyball Club: Tryouts and Registrations

To register or tryout for our indoor club please follow the instructions below. Age requirements for all players please follow this rule to find out which age group you should be trying out for. If your birthdate is after September 1st 2015 then your current age stands for your age group. If your birthdate is before September 1st 2015 then you go up one age group.

To find out more about Saguaros contact us 623-341-4583

Club E-Mail @

What you need to bring to tryouts:

•Your parents or guardian to sign paper work

•$25 Tryout , our tryouts are just an assessment to better place your daughter on the appropriate team for her ability. Not part of your club tuition

•$25 Arizona Region Fee and your AZ Region of USAV membership card.  You can register by going to the web-point registration system on USA Volleyball, pick our club in the drop down menu as you register to be added to our pool of players.  You will pay $25 on line and we will pay the second half $25 for a total of $50 which is your full AZ Region annual fee. 

•$300 Commitment due when you accept our team offer.

•Athletic attire (shorts, tennis shoes, t-shirt tucked, and water bottle) You do not need to buy new volleyball equipment just for tryouts, there is a club uniform that is required so don't waist your money...

•Your full uniform kit will cost $250 per player. We will have sample uniforms at the tryouts to size.

•All Assessments will start on time so don't be late but if you are please contact us of your delay.

•Our selection process will begin when you walk into our gym for our scheduled club tryouts you will pick up your tryout number in room #60 after you pay the tryout fee. We will select players based on skill and ability for each of our respective teams, only 9 players per team will be selected. As players are selected and sent into room #60 for payment they will be asked for their commitment fee of $300. When you pay this fee your position on the team you were selected for will be secured. If you cannot pay this fee, your position will not be held for you. All fees must be paid at the time of tryouts in full to secure your position. After paying your commitment fee you will rejoin the tryout until the tryout is finished.

•All teams are considered travel squads, our National 1 or N1 teams will travel at least three times, our National 2 or N2 teams will travel at least twice in the given season.  Teams may travel more than their scheduled travels, additional fees will apply.  

We will only select 10-11 players per team, Setter, Three Middles, Two Rights, Two Lefts, One Libero, Two DS. After the teams are full we will not add additional players unless a player drops from our program. •All players/parents will then sign a club contract and agree to pay six payments of $350 or 400 per month for Dec-May as club membership monthly dues depending on which team you play for. These payments will be due on the 1st of every month and are considered late by the 7th. There is a $25 late fee and a $50 bad check fee.

Evaluation Criteria:

Teams in each of the different age groups will be selected based on the following criteria as evidenced before and during the Tryout day.


  1. Volleyball skills - passing, setting, hitting, blocking, defense, serving
  2. Volleyball IQ - game & court awareness, knowledgeable execution of skills in game situations
  3. Athleticism - speed, strength, agility
  4. Attitude - individually and with others; coach ability
  5. Work ethic - effort, determination, desire and competitiveness

Though prior experience should provide an advantage for many, it is not a requirement to make one of the our teams. Our coaching staff will evaluate each player, and Team coaches will make selections based on the above criteria, position specifications, and the number of girls that will be carried on each team (9 to 10 depending on the team). Come ready to demonstrate that you deserve a position.


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