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Saguaros Club Uniforms and Apparel

ASICS will be the official uniform of the Arizona Saguaros, each player will get a full volleyball uniform kit that has been selected by the club.  Your daughters uniform number will be selected by the club.  You will pay for the entire uniform directly with us and we will order the package for you.  We will be using Midwest Volleyball the largest uniform distributor in the country.  You will have the choice when ordering if you want to buy extra items at that time, such as spandex, socks and knee pads. 

Make sure your uniform fits at our uniform fitting, exchanges will be up to you to fix.  We will have all sizes available for garments and shoes. 

Uniform Kit $250

The Uniform Order Form is on the Club Financial Agreement form, this will allow you to purchase extra items and pay all your fees at once.  

Club Colors: (Royal Blue, Gold) 

Any extra item that need printing or embroidering will be at an additional charge. 

Package Includes: Royal Blue Uniform with Gold lettering, club logo and matching accessories. 

  • One ASICS Women's Long Sleeve Jersey
  • One ASICS Women's Short or Cap Sleeve Jersey
  • Two Practice Shirts
  • One ASICS Women's Low Rider Spandex Shorts- 2.75" Inseam
  • One Pair ASICS Performance Plus Crew Socks
  • One Pair ASICS knee Pads
  • One ASICS Women's Top Warm-up
  • One ASICS Women's Elite Pants Warm-up
  • One ASICS Day Backpack
  • One Pair ASICS Volleyball Shoes
The following additional items can be purchased form the Arizona Saguaros Volleyball Club, these items are official Arizona Saguaros merchandise.  Look a likes will not be accepted.  All items sold are under the copyright laws of Arizona please understand when you create your own club merchandise it takes money from our club...  

Club Sweatshirt $45 with club crest and lettering XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

Club Short Practice t-shirt $20 with club crest and lettering XS, S, M, L, XL, (XXL $25) (XXXL $30)

Club Long Practice t-shirt $25 with club crest and lettering XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, (XXXL $30)

Asics Knee Pads $20

Asics Spandex $25

Asics Socks $20

Asics Backpack $50

Asics Shoes $65 


Welcome to the Arizona Saguaros Volleyball Apparel sales page.

This year we will be selling great volleyball apparel at all our tournaments and events with a store front fundraiser program.  Families can get involved and earn money for tuition and travel.  Just schedule with us your time slot and we will do the rest.  All apparell will be provided and organized by us all you do is sell sell sell.

We will also be selling a full line of Mizuno products. 

Contact Tracy 623-341-7399 

Products will be listed and online sales will be available:

Category: Volleyball T-shirts example: Catalog link at bottom of page 

Volleyball. Nothing Better Long Sleeve - Tie Dye
Volleyball Pre Game Ritual Short Sleeve - Safety Pink
Volleyball Pre Game Ritual Short Sleeve - Tie Dye
Volleyball Pre Game Ritual Short Sleeve - Safety Green
Game Day Long Sleeve - Carolina Blue
Volleyball 1895 Long Sleeve Henley
Volleyball Grande Game Short Sleeve - Charcoal
Volleyball Grande Game Short Sleeve - Chestnut
Volleyball Grande Game Unisex Short Sleeve - Sand
Game Day Short Sleeve - Orange
Game Day Short Sleeve - Cardinal
Glitter Hitter Volleyball Short Sleeve Shirt

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