Arizona Saguaros Volleyball Club: What To Expect


We are a USAV, JVA and AAU program. 

2-3 practices per week (2 hours each)

 A volleyball specific Speed, Strength and Agility program at each practice

You get the following leagues, tournaments and recruiting managment in your tuition package:

  • Participation in the local USAV AZ Region League which provides 6 tournament of three matches per event, and one Arizona State Championship event with 5 matches.
  • Participation in 4 two day events that we sponsor and host at our venue, each event provides 5 matches.
  • Participation in 2 or 3 travel events out of state, which provide 5-9 matches depending on the tournament format.
  • Total matches per team is 77-79 depending on travel events.  Other travel clubs just 23-35 matches in the same season, with the same tuition fee.  Non-travel clubs only 23 matches for the same season, with the same tuition fee.  In the long run our players get more reps, play more matches and get better faster than most players in most clubs.
  • Private College Recruiting designed for our club called Saguaros-Recruit managed by Amanda Lopez our recruiting specialist.     

This is a list of the travel tournaments that we will pick from for 2014:

  • JVA In It To Win It Challenge (Las Vegas)(Jan 2014: 3 day format, 9-12 matches)
  • USAV Southern California Qualifier (March 2014: 3 day format, 9-12 matches)
  • AAU All State Sugar Bowl New Or LA (June 2014 3 day format 9-12 matches)
  • JVA World Challenge Houston Texas (April 2014: 3 day format, 9-12 matches)
  • AAU West Coast Championships Las Vegas (June 2014: 3 day format, 9-12 matches)
  • AAU Junior Nationals Florida (June 2014: 4 day format, 9-12 matches)
  • USAV Junior Nationals TBA (June-July 2014: 4 day format, 9-12 matches)

Post Season Play in June or July fees due $400 Per Player, this fee is for the extended play season beyond the Arizona Region schedule which ends in May 2014.   

  • All tournament fees
  • Monthly practice fee 
  • Coaches Salary
  • Travel fee for coaches 

What your tuition pays for: Financial Breakdown?

  • Coaches salary $2,500 per month (2014-$17,500)
  • Coaches travel $2,000 per travel event (2014-$10,000)
  • 5 or 6 additional two day tournaments that we host: $375 per team per event (2014-$11,250)
  • Tournament fees for all travel events: $650-$900 per team, per tournament (2014-$10,500)
  • Individual USAV Player fees: $25 per player (2014-$1,250)
  • Individual AAU Player fees: $14 per player (2014-$700)
  • AAU Club Membership fees: (2014 $100)
  • JVA Club Membership fees: (2014 $120)
  • Local USAV Region tournament fees: $810 per team (2014-$4,050) 
  • Gym rental fees: $1,000 per Month (2014-$8,000)

Equipment: All volleyball equipment and training aids are owned by the Arizona Saguaros
Admin fees: Website, Individual and Team Registrations for all events and facility managment

AZ Saguaros believes in our "No Surprises Policy". Everything your player will need to participate in our club is included and outlined for you. Anything offered in addition to your season cost is optional.  Like private coaching, clinics or any additional tournaments that your team participates in the post season.  Parents are responsible to pay for transportation to get their player to and from practices, tournaments in or out of state all hotel fees and to pay for & provide food for their player at tournaments.


Instruction: Our staff consists of coaches from many different backgrounds and with varied experiences. Many of our coaches now coach at local high schools around the area and after playing high school and college, they are now giving back to our community with their experience & expertise. Our 2013-2014 season has a very talented staff.
Training Schedule: Top collegiate programs work nearly year-round because the game of volleyball takes a long time to master. Since high school programs are restricted to a few weeks of practice followed by an intensive match schedule, time allowances for technical instruction is limited during the high school season. Our 8-month training phase and 4-month camps-private lessons, allows ample time for work on techniques so that players may improve their skill levels.
Friendships: Since our players come from all over the community, many new friendships are formed with players from different schools. These friendships often cause the rivalry between schools to become even more intense during the next school season as players strive for excellence. The relationships between parents also grow stronger.
Time Management: The time commitment required to be in a Junior Olympic Program demands that study habits improve and player’s budget their time better. It's no secret that many athletes get better grades during their playing season.
College Recruiters: As a member of high school programs, it is likely that the only way a college coach will see an individual is if you or your opponent has an outstanding player. College coaches, however, regularly attend junior competitions since their college season is usually completed by spring. Some even occasionally attend practices.  The Saguaros Recruiting Program works closely with players and families ti find the best fit possible.  We work with one of the leading online recruiting programs in the nation (Video Camp)  
Fitness: Conditioning does play a large part in our plans for our teams. Physical conditioning outside of the training sessions is vital for any of our more serious athletes and for those who have a desire to play at the collegiate level.
Leadership Skills: The age-group system requires that younger players become leaders on their individual teams. The oldest players in the 16 & under teams, for example, are sophomores in high school. Players returning to high school following their junior volleyball experience often exhibit leadership skills.
Education: We are working on creating smarter players, not just better players. Volleyball is a sport in which new situations happen frequently and outstanding players learn to deal effectively with new situations.
Discipline & Respect: Players are required to be disciplined in relation to time, work ethics, and respect for those in authority, respect for one another, and for all facility equipment.

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