Arizona Saguaros Volleyball Club: Saguaros Alumni

Our own Sam Lopez of SGU & Miaje Hubbard of Tenn St, at AAU Jr Nationals
Saguaro Alumni "Once a Saguaro always a Saguaro"

A big thanks goes out to all of our alumni and their families for all their dedication and hard work during their stay.  We'd also like to wish "good luck" to all of you that were fortunate enough to pursue volleyball at the next level.  Even though 100% of our players move on to college after graduation, some decide to play in college while others decide on a specific college that includes their major.  It is worthy of notation that our players achieve success as players and college attendees.  We are proud of all our athletes and their accomplishments we are proud to have contributed to their lives in making a well rounded individual.  


Made possible by the Arizona Saguaros training, all players listed have found their way to the college ranks all coached by Rosario Lopez, even if they moved on to other clubs they all received their solid foundation with Saguaros.  The players listed in Gold have won one or more Arizona State Championships with Saguaros, National or Festival Championships with Saguaros prior to their college careers.  To see pictures of these players and the hundreds of their teammates visit the Accomplishments link.  A collection of the largest medal earning program in the west valley. 

Other Notables listed at the bottom of this page.     

  1. Clarissa Rangel from Saint Marys to Western New Mexico University
  2. Taylor Little of the Team Saguaros women's team, signed to Mari-Costa College in California
  3. Alexis Ellis of the 18 Amanda team received volleyball scholarships from three colleges, Midway, Trinity and Asbury College 
  4. Nicole Robinson from Tolleson HS (3yrs with Saguaros)  
  5. Carissa Allen from Central HS to Phx College (4 years with Saguaros and guest on several teams VF Roster)
  6. Cheyenne Meadows From Valley Vista to Phoenix College  
  7. Chelsea Cruz From Valley Vista to Gilbert CCD
  8. Keanna Lomeli from St Marys to Phx College (2 years with Saguaros on 18-National)
  9. Jessica Elley (Team Phoenix Pro 2011-2012 to Arizona Sizzle Pro Team)
  10. Whittney Phillups (Team Phoenix Pro 2012 to Arizona Sizzle Pro Team)
  11. Demera Thomason to Virginia State (1 year with Saguaros on 18-2 and 18-1 National Team)
  12. Delaney M to University of Southwest (2 years with Saguaros on 14-1 National Team)
  13. Andalyn Duke from Millennium to Simmons College (2 years with Saguaros Wigwam Champions) 
  14. Taylor Givens From Desert Edge to North Dakota 
  15. Chelsey Stevenson From Betty Fairfax to Livingstone University  
  16. Samantha Lopez From Saint Marys to D1 NAIA Saint Gregory's University
  17. Elizabeth Prieto (Saguaros G Phx College-ASU) 
  18. Kyla Norman From La Hoya to D1 NAIA Saint Gregory's University
  19. Ryan Irving From Saint Marys to D1 Jackson State University
  20. Jazmine Hunter From Yonker to D1 Jackson State University 
  21. Alexes Ammerman From Tucson to D1 Jackson State University 
  22. Devonna Sims From Buckeye to Central Arizona JC
  23. Ashley Hill From Betty Fairfax to Chandler/Gilbert CC 
  24. Iman Isom From Betty Fairfax to D2 Livingstone University
  25. Chelsea Salgat from Valley Vista to D2 CO Christian University/NAU D1
  26. Vanessa Mathews From Betty Fairfax to Scottsdale Community College
  27. Daniella K Rivera From Valley Vista to DI NAIA Saint Gregorys University 
  28. Miaje Hubbard From Sandra Day O to D1 Tennessee State University 
  29. Janelle Wilson From La Hoya to D1 Morgan State University 
  30. Sarah Laird From Saint Marys to Lamar CC
  31. Britney Jajdelski from Northridge to NAIA (4 years with Saguaros)
  32. Valeri Orosco From Independence to East LA CC,  
  33. Brittney Simmons From Washington to D1 NAIA Saint Gregory's University
  34. Olivia Shepard From Agua Fria to Phoenix College
  35. Lindsey Lovel from Sandra Day O to YJC (Played on Starlings 14-1 National Team)
  36. Geone Fisher from Millennium to NYU (2 years with Litchfield Park Jrs-Saguaros) D1
  37. Amy Wong from Millennium to D1 NM State (Player 18-1s Starlings Nationals)
  38. Caitlin Lopez from Millennium to SMCC (3 years with Litchfield Park Jrs, Saguaros)
  39. Erin Truett from Millennium to Kansas State-NAU (2 years with Litchfield Park Jrs-Saguaros)
  40. Lacey Depue from Valley Vista to NAIA (3 years with Litchfield Park Jrs-Saguaros)
  41. Amanda Lopez From Desert Edge to D1 NAIA University of Saint Thomas
  42. Candace Bixtler From Lake Havasu to D2 San Diego Mesa