Arizona Saguaros Volleyball Club: Championship Team Pictures

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Home of 10 Arizona State Championships, Several AAU and Starlings National Championships and 32 Classic and Invitational Championships, that's over 524 Medals and Awards earned, and over 42 graduates who joined the college ranks.

These pictures represent championship teams that span 10 years, with players from across the valley.

14N1 At 2014 AAU Nationals

Mem 14 G
14 N1 Rosario win Gold 2014 Memorial Day Classic

Mem 142s
14 N2 Chris win Silver 2014 Memorial Day Classic

2014 Team Saguaros took 4th overall in the Arizona Region State Championships

Arizona Saguaros 14-1 takes silver in the 2014 Arizona Region of USAV 14S Championships

Congrats to our very own Macy Gordon of the 16-N1 for winning the 2014 School Sand Volleyball State Championship, making it Xavier's third straight state title Wednesday, defeating Scottsdale Prep 5-0 in the Division I state championships at Victory Lane Sports Complex in Glendale.  Macy coming to us just two years ago has grown into a great player, and now she is a State Champion.

Arizona Saguaros 14 Rosario take Silver at the 2014 Presidents Day Classic

18 JVA
Saguaros 18-Rosario at the 2014 JVA In It To Win It Challenge in Las Vegas

18 Amanda JVA
Saguaros 18-Amanda at the 2014 JVA In It To Win It Challenge in Las Vegas

14s JVA
Saguaros 14-Rosario at the 2014 JVA In It To Win It Challenge in Las Vegas

14-1 Rosario take Silver at the 2013 Ice Breaker in the 16s division

All Saints 2013
Winning the 2013 All Saints Tournament
Congratulations to the Saint Thomas the Apostle 6A Team for winning the 2013 All Saints and St John Tournament Coached By Rosario Lopez
Six of these 6th grade St Thomas players were Saguaros training team players in the fourth grade, now champions in two 2013 tournaments.  Our training builds a solid base for growth and development which lasts a lifetime. 

Winning the 2013 St John Bosco Tournament

LAS VEGAS AAU 2013 125
Saguaros 17-1 Amanda take the Bronze in the Gold Bracket of the 2013 AAU West Coast National Championship in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS AAU 2013 14s
Saguaros 14-1 Rosario take 5th overall in the Gold Bracket of the 2013 AAU West Coast National Championship in Las Vegas

Arizona Saguaros 17-1 win Gold at the 2013 Wigwam Classic

Arizona Saguaros 16-1 win Bronze at the 2013 Wigwam Classic

Arizona Saguaros 14-1 win Silver at the 2013 Wigwam Classic

Arizona Saguaros 13-1 win Bronze at the 2013 Wigwam Classic

18-1 Rosario
Arizona Saguaros 18-1 Rosario Capture Silver in the 2013 Arizona Region of USA Volleyball 18s State Championship

14-1 Nationals
Arizona Saguaros 14-1 Rosario take second at 2013 National Southern Qualifier
Congratulations to the 14-1 Rosario for making it to the Championship match of the 14s-USA Bronze Division at the 2013 SCVA Southern National Qualifier placing second is a great finish.

Festival Champions
Arizona Saguaros 17-1 Capture First Place in the VF Confindence Division Championship

16-1 Championships
Arizona Saguaros 16-1 Amanda Capture Silver in the 2012 Arizona Region of USA Volleyball 16s State Championship

04-28-2012 Atkinson Pavilions the training ground of the Arizona Saguaros, and place where it all started for the 16-1 Amanda.  They would over come all obstacles and against all odds end up playing for the AZ Region State Championship.  Amanda stated that she thought they might have a chance when they beat a team from the west valley that they had not beaten all season.  Amanda stated that after winning the morning pool and headed over to Yonker High for the championships, that she felt confident that they would make it to the final.  Well as fate would have it they did make it to the final and captured the silver medal.  Amanda did a great job with the help of our Saguaros coaching staff of , Clint C, Nicole D and the support of the parents we rejoice in a victory well earned. It just goes to show that the Saguaros system works and you never know when opportunity will knock, we as a club make sure that you are ready when it does.  You have secured your spot in Saguaro history congratulations.   RL

17-1 Championships
Arizona Saguaros 17-1 Rosario Capture Silver in the 2012 Arizona Region of USA Volleyball 17s State Championship
17-1 Prayer
Ending team Prayer 17s 2012 AZ State Championships

04-28-2012 Court One facility the place where it all started for the 17-1 Rosario the same venue where they won it all in 2011.   Last year the team name was Dynasty; little did they know how prophetic that name would be.  As a team going for back to back titles in the Arizona Region State Championships the pressure was on. All wanted to see us in the final and all wanted to see what we would do this time around. Well we made it to the final and captured the silver medal in three games. Rosario stated that he is especially proud of this years premier team, its hard enough making it once to the championships but two years in a row is quite a blessing in disguise. It showed that a team who made up of 97% 15-16 year olds can accomplish anything if they work together. They embraced the team concept and worked together to achieve their goal of making it to the final. Unselfish play and wanting to see their teamates succeed was more important than self gratification this was the key to their success. This team is loaded with superstars who had to put aside their own goals for the team.  Rosario teaches these important life lessons to his team, and states that sometimes in the heat of the moment and to win at any cost, we forget the valuable lessons to be learned playing a game like volleyball.  We need to all take a step back and realize the valuabe lessons being taught on a weekly basis, some which are to build confident well rounded individuals who can succeed in volleyball and life.

2011 Summer Soiree
Arizona Saguaros 16-Inter Gold Rise to the Challenge at the 2011 Summer Soiree in Southern California

Team Phx Championship
Team Phoenix Win Gold in the 2011 Arizona Region State Championship

Former Saguaros players of Team Phoenix Professional team, now on the professional roster for the Arizona Sizzle Professional team of the USPVL.  Jessica Elley #13 and Whittney Phillups #6 made the cut and represent Arizona in the U.S. first full professional league.  Three years ago Team Phoenix of the Arizona Saguaros adult program took the court, lead by former South Mountain CC head coach Larry Nakamura and Rosario Lopez, our goal was to put together a pro level team using former college players living in Arizona.  We became the team to beat, it was clear that professional level volleyball could make it, if the right people were behind it.  Here at the Arizona Saguaros we felt that it was a great investment to fully sponsor this team and give them a chance to show off their skills.  Team Phoenix participated in the US Open Championships and placed 7th overall in US.  Other accomplishments are two AZ Region State Championships.

16-Inter Championship
Arizona Saguaros 16-Inter Gold Capture Gold in the 2011 Arizona Region of USA Volleyball 16U State Championship

The Road To Victory

  • April 30th 2011 Court One Athletics
  • The Arizona Region State Final 16-U State Championship
  • AZ Saguaros 16-International slated to win it all as the #1 seed
  • Lost one match all season in region play
  • Won the final match in three and captured the Gold

Presidente 16-Inter
Arizona Saguaros 16-Inter Gold Wins First in Flight 1 at the 2011 New Mexico Presidente Picante VB Fiesta

Presidents 18-Inter
Arizona Saguaros 18-Inter Gold Wins First in the Silver Division of the 2011 New Mexico Presidente Picante VB Fiesta

2010 Ice Breaker Champions
Arizona Saguaros 16-International Team wins Gold in the 2010 Ice Breaker Classic
The 16-International team coached by Rosario Lopez and Mike Dean win the 16U division of 2010 Ice Breaker Classic hosted by the Arizona Saguaros Volleyball Club on December 12th 2010.  This was their first major tournament of the 2010-2011 club season.  Setting the tone as they cap their first Gold Medal.  

G-Power Champions
Arizona Saguaros 18-International Team Dominates wins Gold in the 2010 G-Power West Valley Tournament.

The 18-International team full of college bound players win the 2010 G-Power 18U Division with a dominating performance over the competition. What a great finish for an incredible season with a third cap gold medal finish in the last three tournaments for this team. With only two players graduating this year and nine returning players. We are looking forward to another season of great performances from this talented group. To date every member of this team has either signed or has given their verbal commitments to local or out of state colleges.

Great Job and Great Finish Ladies

Team PHX
Team Phoenix Win Silver in the 2010 Arizona Region State Championship
to the Team Phoenix Women’s Semi-Pro Team for winning the Silver in the 2010 Arizona Region Women’s AA Gold Division.

May 16th 2010 Atkinson Pavilions our Adult Women’s team, Team Phoenix comprised of former division #1 talent in their first year as a program shock the region. 

Arizona Saguaros 18-International Win Gold in the 2010 Arizona Region State Championship

The Road To Victory

  • May 8th 2010 Atkinson Pavilion Saguaro Country
  • The Arizona Region State Final 18-Championship Division
  • AZ Saguaros 18-International slated to win it all
  • Lost one game all day in match four but won it in three
  • Won the final match in two and captured the Gold

Teams they faced

  • Club Rim 18-1s (In two) FIRST ROUND
  • Club Crush 18-1s (In two) FIRST ROUND
  • Shenu 18-Elvin (In two) FIRST ROUND
  • Dinamo 18-Elite (In three) SECOND ROUND PLAY OFF MATCH
  • Club Red 18-Black (In two) CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH

Saguaros Ninjas
Arizona Saguaros 18-Inter Gold Heat make the 1st Division of the 18-Open

The Arizona Saguaros 18-Open Heat is the only 18 Open team from the west valley that ever made it into the 18-Open 1st division, beating teams like AZ Sky 18-Open and East Valley Jrs 17 and 18-Open teams.  No other team from the west valley has even got close to this team.  We never place a team into the Open division just so we can say our club has an open level team.  We feel only the top ten teams from the Open Division really belong there.  This team also produced more awards on and off the court and had all of its members sign letters of intent and then attended the college volleyball ranks.

The Arizona Saguaros Open Heat will always be remembered as the team who started it all and formed the system that is now taught to evey player in our club. 

  1. Samantha Lopez From Saint Marys to D1 NAIA Saint Gregory's University
  2. Kyla Norman From La Hoya to D1 NAIA Saint Gregory's University
  3. Ryan Irving From Saint Marys to D1 Jackson State University
  4. Jazmine Hunter From Yonker to D1 Jackson State University 
  5. Devonna Sims From Buckeye to Central Arizona JC
  6. Ashley Hill From Betty Fairfax to Chandler/Gilbert CC 
  7. Iman Isom From Betty Fairfax to D2 Livingstone University
  8. Chelsea Salgat from Valley Vista to D2 CO Christian University/NAU D1
  9. Vanessa Mathews From Betty Fairfax to Scottsdale Community College
  10. Daniella K Rivera From Valley Vista to DI NAIA Saint Gregorys University 
  11. Miaje Hubbard From Sandra Day O to D1 Tennessee State University 
  12. Janelle Wilson From La Hoya to D1 Morgan State University 
  13. Sarah Laird From Saint Marys to Lamar CC

Memorial Champions
Arizona Saguaros 18-International Win Gold in 2010 Memorial Day Classic
The 18-International team full of college bound players win the 2010 Memorial Day Classic 18U Division with a dominating performance over the competition.

AZ Saguaros 18-National Team Wins First in Silver Division of the 2010 Arizona Region 18-Club

18-National AAU 2009
18-National at AAU
2009 AAU Junior National Championships
14-National AAU
14-National at AAU

On June 12th 2009 the Arizona Saguaros 14 and 18-National teams arrived in Orlando Florida to participate in the 36th annual AAU Junior National Championships held in the Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex.

14-National and 18-National teams standing in front of the Disney Wide World of Sports Complex Pre-Opening Ceremonies.  This is the home of AAU Sports.

Arizona Saguaros 18-N Wins Copper in the Gold Division at the 2009 Memorial Day Classic

Arizona Saguaros 14-N Wins Silver in the 18U Copper Division at the 2009 Memorial Day Classic

Arizona Saguaros 16-1 Wins Silver in the Bronze Division at the 2009 Memorial Day Classic

14-National 2009
Arizona Saguaros 14-National Wins Silver at the 2009 Memorial Day Classic
Arizona Saguaros 14-National wins the Silver Medal in the Silver Division of the 2009 Memorial Day Classic.  Great job ladies.. 

Amandas Team
Arizona Saguaros 14-Amanda Wins Bronze at the 2009 Memorial Day Classic

Litchfield Park Juniors
Check out these Litchfield Park Moments

2008 AZ Region Champions 16U
15 National Win Gold

Unshakable Litchfield Park 15 National Top Colorado Crush for 16AA Title

Coach Rosario Lopez worked his team practice after practice to keep them calm in stressful situations.

“In practice we would place each player in an uncomfortable position making each player learn every position. We did this as individuals and as a team. In the end each player was able to be calm and secure in their abilities and performed without any hesitations” Lopez said.   And it was that un-shake-ability that helped his Litchfield Park 15 National team beat the Colorado Crush 16’s team in the 16AA Region Championship held June 7th at South Mountain Community College.

Lopez’s strategy of keeping his girls on their toes paid off all season. “I always changed practices making each player adapt to new surroundings.” He said. “I made each player become problem solvers and to think outside the box. We also played in several out of state tournaments again forcing this team to adapt to new surroundings this made them very well rounded. This team would practice three times a week and played more out of state matches than in-state region matches.”

Litchfield went into Regional as the team to beat and came into the Region Championship across the net from the Colorado Crush’s 16-1’s team as the 9th seed going in.

Lopez credits his team’s unity as an underlying factor of their season’s success. “I would have to say their unselfish attitude towards each other. It was very clear in the beginning of this season that they were special indeed. Each tournament they played together they showed the quality of team spirit that I have not seen before.

“They would all do whatever needed to be done and none of them were looking to be the hero. Rather they were looking in the same direction at the same goal. Their work ethic at practice spilled over into the tournaments they played. This was the hardest working team that I have ever coached and yet they made it look easy. They found their playing rhythm early and worked on it as the season progressed. There were no stars on this team and they all knew that they needed each other to be successful. They never made any excuses for a poor performance and they always talked about what they could do better the next time. As a coach I am very proud to be a part of this season it has been a pleasure to be their coach.”

As they move up into the 16’s division, much will be expected of this team, both by Lopez and the girls themselves. “I think the future of this team is bright and that our program is now starting to produce upper level players. It is only the beginning for this team. I would like to see them stay together but I know that with our training system is engrained in the players of this team, no matter where they go they will all be successful. They will always be Litchfield Park.”

2008 AZ Region Champions 16U
15-Semi National Win Gold

Litchfield Park 15
Semi National Stops

Verde Heat 16-Red for 16A Gold

Where are you Christmas?

Sung well into February, it would seem more of an error in scheduling, but for the Litchfield Park 15-1’s team and coach Tracy Irving, it became a turning point to a season.

“ That when the girls began turning the corner a bit.” Irving remembers. “We were playing in a region tournament and we had a player decide she was going to sing ‘Where are you Christmas?’ Needless to say while winning games we were all singing this song and it brought the girls closer together.”

Close enough to take the Region’s 16A division championship with a win over the Verde Heat 16-Red team on June 7th.

Irving’s squad put aside the fact they were younger and less experienced than many of their opponents. “This was their first year playing together and many of the girls this was their first year in club.” Irving says. “For them to achieve this was a testament of their hard work and sacrifice and I am proud of all of them. They all learned their positions and with girls that were setters in high school playing front row for us without any complaints from them or their parents really helped as well.”

Litchfield claimed two of the three 16’s titles at Regional and Irving says it’s the work the teams put in. “During the regional tournament the girls finally saw what could happen if they used the defensive system we teach as well as the conditioning program we use. They were still fresh and mentally focused.”

Irving sees the game becoming more and more about size and offense, but her philosophy goes the other way. .” I believe that the defense aspect is the most important and that’s what I try to emphasize. All of the young ladies can hit but if you can’t defend you can’t win. Being a first year coach and a region champion was a great bonus. And I would like to thank the club, girls and parents for supporting me.”

“ We have a bright future.” Irving points out. “I am excited about next season as we had a young team with a few 13 year olds playing and starting for us and oldest girl just turning 15. So we are all looking forward to our next run together.”     

12-National Red Peppers
Wigwam Classic 2008 12s Champions
Litchfield Park 12-National Win the 2008 Wigwam Classic Champions cup

On May 25th 2008 the Litchfield Park 12-National Red Peppers coached by Amanda Lopez Co-founder of Litchfield Park Juniors and Anthony Ledesma.  Win the Gold in the 12s division capturing the covenant champions cup.  This was the first year that the Wigwam Classic introduced the champion’s cup and it was a huge success.  To be the first team to win the cup in the 12 division is special.  “I thought we would win the cup said Amanda we were better than most of the teams in the tournament and I knew how hard my girls worked all year long for this moment”

It would not come easy as they traveled to Gonzales School the home court of Litchfield Park.  They would have to face great opposition in Palos Verdes 12-1 and AZONE 12-1.  The three team playoff would provide some great moments for the players and parents.  In the end it would be Litchfield 12s who would walk away with the trophy and gold medals.

“I trained my girls harder than any team in the club I have great expectations for each one I know that two of my girls are just 8 years old but they had to work just as hard as my 12 year olds.  I feel it will set the standard for each player to understand that winning does not come easy it takes hard work”

Amanda Lopez assisted by Anthony Ledesma did a great job with this team I know as the director they are what I look for in coaches.  They work the team hard and teach them the fundamentals they will need to move up next year. 

And great job 12-National for placing second in the Arizona Region Bronze Division ending up 14th over-all in the state out of 48 teams. 

Rosario Lopez
Club Director


Litchfield Park 14-National Win Bronze

Litchfield Park 14-National Win Bronze in the Gold Division at the 2008 Wigwam Classic Championships.  This team also participated in the 16s division.  

Photo taken pre-medal awards.

Litchfield Park 14-1 Win Gold
Litchfield Park 14-1s Win Gold at Wigwam
Litchfield Park 14-1s coached by Paul Vitola win gold at the 2007 Wigwam Classic.  They played an Arizona Sky 14s team for the championship at Westview High School.

2007 16U
Litchfield Park 16U Win Bronze

2007 was a great year for Litchfield Park Juniors.  The 16U from Litchfield Park played some great volleyball against some great teams.  They placed 3rd and took the Bronze Medal in the Gold Division. 

Great Job Ladies 

Wigwam 18U Bronze
Litchfield Park 18U Win Bronze
Litchfield Park Juniors 18U Win Bronze in the Gold Division of the Wigwam Classic 2006.

Wigwam 14-1
Litchfield Park Juniors 14-1 Win Silver
Litchfield Park Juniors 14-1 Win Silver Medal in the Gold Division of the Wigwam Classic 2006.

16-National Cactus Classic
Second Place finish in the Cactus Classic 16s Saguaro Division 2006

Starlings National Champions 2005

In 2005 the Litchfield Park 14-1s win Gold at the Starlings National Championships in San Diego California.


2004 Litchfield Park Juniors Was Born

Founded by the Lopez family in Litchfield Park Arizona.  Rosario, Tracy, Amanda & Samantha