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The Lightning Track Club (LTC)

Our athletes compete in all cross country and track & field meets.
Since 1993, Lightning Track Club (LTC) trained athletes and alumni have won 26 track & field state championships and dozens of medals. Many have gone on to NFL, NBA, baseball, and NCAA athletic rosters, many on academic scholarships and with dozens on current high school teams hoping to add their names to our distriguished alumni listing. The Lightning was started as the Lightning Track Club in 1992 by tennis coach Ben Shorter and Maurice Streety. Our training now transcends athletics to other sports helping athletes reach their goals....faster. Youth football, soccer, basketball, softball & baseball teans as well as High school, college & pro rosters are dotted with talented athletes with Lightning "roots". We also interact regularly with college coaches and the media with our own newsletter, Lightning Strikes and our website links (see alumni). Registration & practice starts the the second week of the New Year. We also train the finest in professional sports prospects. Click on the photo above or go to the track Club News section on our menu bar for more information.

Coach Mo
(480) 217-0175

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Coach Mo Speed Camps

NFL Receiver Brian Gilmore : One of many top flight athletes that train with us.
Develop your speed & talents BEFORE the season starts. Stay in shape during the season and during the off season. We offer pre-season, pre-training camp and pre-combine training. Clients may select weekly, monthly, quarterly or year-round training. We offer training and instruction in sprint technique, speed improvement, fitness and conditioning teams, individuals and groups. Using hills, resistance training, all-weather tracks and a relentless series of drills, we build piece by piece, a physical model of speed while improving explosiveness, overall athletic ability and endurance. With innovative training techniques, we train our athletes to develop the responsiveness and ability perform with rapid, decisive and sustainable speed anytime, anywhere.

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Coach Mo Track & Field Camps

trae beating neal 394
Speed Camp Alumni/Footballer: All-American sprinter Trae Armstrong

Known for our reputation in the sprints and hurdles, we offer specialized individual and small group training in all track and field events. We have a well earned reputation for training the finest in athletics from youth to professional. Year round training

Summer & Winter Track Camp

Scheduled training blocks & Speed Sundays!

Holiday sessions Pre season, in-season and post season training

Small and large group settings

Event specific sessions available

Browse the website for video & more info or Contact Coach Mo for details (call/text) 480-217-0175 or via email at ....Join Us!

May 2002 Youth Boy Sprints

Coach Mo Football: Indoor & Outdoor Youth Football & Cheer

Age Group Flag Football: CLICK HERE!
Age group indoor & outdoor flag football (starting at age 5), all skill levels welcome and everyone plays. Started by Coach Mo in 1998, our leagues are "kid" driven and include instruction in basic football skills, conditioning and speed improvement ans everyone plays!

Athletes often get a chance to train with & attend camps held by former & current pro players! Opportunities to meet & train with the finest in little league, high school and college players!

Great for Pop Warner & Competetive leaguers who would like to enhance their speed & skills during the off-season! Group & individual training camps & pre-season leagues.

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God Goes Too!

"But the person who is united to the Lord becomes one spirit with Him."

-- (1 Corinthians 6:17, The Amplified Bible)

I once heard about a great man of God who looked in the mirror every day when he put on his suit and said, "Suit, everywhere you go today, God goes in you." And you know, he's right. If you have united yourself to
God by receiving Jesus as Lord, everywhere you go today...God goes too!

As believers, we need to start becoming more conscious of that. We need to train ourselves to be constantly aware of God inside of us, talking to us, teaching us, counseling us, empowering us, and enduing us with Himself.

We need to continually remind ourselves that we are one spirit with Him. That means that every time we face a problem, every time we face an evil spirit that tries to influence and hinder our lives, God is facing it
too. When we meet those things, God meets them. And He's already overcome them!

Let me encourage you when you get dressed today to look in the mirror and say, "I am united to the Lord and I have become one spirit with Him. Body, everywhere you go today...God goes. God is in you. The power of
God is in you. The wisdom of God is in you. The victory of God is in you."

Say that to yourself every day-- many times a day. Keep doing it until you begin to develop the habit of thinking that way. Cultivate a constant awareness of the reality of God living in you!

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ASU's Seneca Holmes: A charter LTC member
Photos & updates on Lightning Track Club & Speedcamp Alumni

LTC Alumni

Speed Camp Alumni

Football alumni

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We offer AAU League & Club Basketball
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Coach Mo Baseball (Fall & Spring leagues & camps)

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