Arizona Hawks: Code of Conduct



  1. Support your team members when they are having a bad day.  Your day may be coming!
  2.  Do what is right. Use good judgment. Be Respectful.
  3. Never argue with a Referee, Coach or players. They can decide how long you play.
  4. No Fighting. You could  be terminated if you start it.
  5. No Foul Language. This is Basketball; not street ball
  6. Do not engage in taunting of any player. You won’t like it either.
  7. Do not retaliate to foul play. Tell the Coach.
  8. Do not question a Referee’s call verbally, in body language or in gestures. Just give them the ball or walk away. Referees can get attitudes, too.
  9. Always show sportsmanship. Be a class act
  10.  Be a Leader and Promote the Hawks. After all you play on the team. You may need a reference in the future
  11. HAVE FUN!