Arizona District 8 Little League: My Site News

Sunday, February 19
2017 District 8 Umpire Rules Clinic Presentation

Our very own UIC has released the latest version of our rules clinic presentation.  It is available in both PPT and PDF versions.  Here are the highlights!


  • 2017 Significant Changes
  • 2016 Lessons Learned
  • 2016 Rules Review
  • Removal of references to the Big League Division
  • Information on the 2018 USA Bat Standard


New Slides on:


  1. Foot in the box rule
  2. Intentional Walk rule
  3. Use of Double First Base
  4. Unsportsmanlike behavior/fighting


Saturday, June 25
Arizona Senior State Baseball and Softball Welcome Packets

Arizona District 8 is honored to host the 2016 Arizona State Tournaments for both Baseball and Softball in the Seniors division.  The tournaments will be hosted in Nogales, AZ this year, and our welcome packets have been posted on the link found here.  Good luck to all the teams!

Monday, June 13
2016 District Tournament Brackets posted

The brackets that are posted are official as of Monday 06/13/2016 at 8pm.  

 Please note, these are subject to change right up to first game start for the tournament in question. 

Wednesday, February 3
2016 District Rules Clinic Slides Uploaded

Our very own ADA Umpires, Mr. Robin Murray, has updated our Rules Clinic slides for the 2016 season.  This presentation makes understanding the basic rules for Little League a simple process.

Wednesday, February 3
Little League® Notebook - January

I'm posting this a bit late, but the January edition of the Little League® Notebook is out and shouldn't be missed.  Some of the topics include:

- How to avoid losing your local league's tax exempt status

- 2016 Rule Books to be in eBook format, and for less money than the previous year's phone/tablet apps!

- Updates to the ASAP program and child concussions

- Finding your local league (a new website)

Wednesday, December 30
Little League All Stars Team Registration Increase

In an effort to keep up with the rising costs of travel and lodging, Little League is increasing the registration fee per All Star Team by $50  to a total of $200 per team.  Please go to the Little League site (by clicking the link) to find out more.