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Saturday, February 4
Arizona District 8 Little League Baseball and Softball

Welcome to Arizona District 8 Little League Baseball and Softball!  We are dedicated to helping make sure each of you has a memorable Little League experience.  Please contact any District 8 board member if you have questions concerning Little League Baseball or Softball in Cochise or Santa Cruz County.

DA: Brooks Bishop -
ADA (Tournaments): Jorge Maldonado -
ADA (Softball): Jayne Lee -
Secretary: Amy Murray -
Treasurer: Berlynda Schaaf -
UIC: Robin Murray -
Information Officer: Sean Paul -

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Friday, August 16
Arizona (Rio Rico) Little League Juniors US Champions

Rio Rico Little League is the United States champion in the Little League Junior Baseball Division by virtue of their 7-3 victory over Goodlettsville, TN today in Taylor, Michigan. Rio Rico will play Chinese Taipei for the Junior Baseball World Series title on Saturday at 2:00 pm Eastern Time/11:00 am Arizona Time. The game will be televised on ESPN 3

Saturday, July 27
Nogales LIttle League Advances to Intermediate Baseball World Series

With their win over Hawaii in the Western Region Intermediate Baseball championship game, Nogales Little League has earned the right to play in the first ever Little League Intermediate Baseball World Series in Livermore, CA (hosted by CA District 57). The first game for Nogales is scheduled on July 31st.  For more information please go to:

Sunday, June 30
Nogales Little League Claims Spot in inaugural Intermediate Baseball Western Region Tournament.

Congratulations to Nogales Little League for claiming the 2013 Arizona State Championship in the Intermediate Baseball Divison.  Nogales will play in the first ever Western Region Intermediate Baseball tournament, hosted by California District 55 in South Orange County California, for the right to advance to the Intermediate Baseball World Series.

Sunday, June 16
2013 District 8 Tournament Brackets and 2013 Arizona State Junior Baseball Tournament Brackets

The 2013 District 8 Tournament Brackets and 2013 Arizona State Junior Baseball Tournament Brackets have been finalized and are posted in the Handouts section of this site.  Good luck to all our teams in the upcoming Little League International Tournament!

Saturday, March 16
Congratulations to Jayne Lee for her selection to the umpire crew for the 2013 Junior Softball World Series in Kirkland, WA.

Saturday, March 16
Valley Little Has Been Disestablished for the 2013 Playing Season

After consultation with Western Region Headquarters and many attempts to find someone to operate the league, District 8 is sad to announce that Valle Little League has been formally disestablished beginning with the 2013 playing season.  Anyone residing in the former Valley Little League boundaries (Elfrida, Sunsites, Pearce, McNeal, Double Adobe, etc.)  may register to play during the 2013 season in one of the following leagues: 1) Willcox Little League, 2) San Pedro Valley Little League, 3) Bisbee Little League. If you have questions about how to sign-up to play during the 2013 season please contact one of the District Staff members or one of the presidents of the leagues listed above.

Saturday, March 16
Sierra Vista Little League Selected to host 2013 State Junior Baseball Tournament

Sierra Vista Little League will host the 2013 Arizona State Little League Junior Baseball Tournament at Cole and Arbenz fields in July 2013.  This tournament will feature 14 teams from throughout the state of Arizona competing for a chance to advance to the Junior Baseball Regional Tournament in Washington State.  This tournament will be played in a double elimination format and is tentatively scheduled to start on July 16, 2013.

Monday, July 8
District 8 Little League Tournaments Brackets Updated (15 July 2013)

Congratulation's to all District 8 Champions; Good luck in State and remember you now represent our District. Just a reminder to all leagues, our District is hosting the Juniors State Tournament in Sierra Vista. Please come and support the District and the Sierra Vista Little League Staff in making this tournament a very successful one for all the Juniors coming to participate.

Thank you,

Jorge Maldonado
District 8 Tournament Director

Monday, July 15
5 Day Forecast for Sierra Vista (Juniors State Tournament)

For those eyeing the skies for the Juniors Baseball State Tournament being hosted in Sierra Vista, a full weather brief and worst case scenario will be discussed at the certification tonight.  In the mean time, the above link will show you the 5 day forecast for Sierra Vista

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