Arizona District 8 Little League: Welcome

Monday, June 15
Arizona District 8 Little League Baseball and Softball

Welcome to Arizona District 8 Little League Baseball and Softball!  We are dedicated to helping make sure each of you has a memorable Little League experience.  Please contact any District 8 board member if you have questions concerning Little League Baseball or Softball in Cochise or Santa Cruz County.

DA: Brooks Bishop -
ADA (Tournaments): Jorge Maldonado -
ADA (UIC): Robin Murray -
ADA (Softball): Jayne Lee -
Safety: Audra Hildreth -
Secretary: Amy Murray -
Treasurer: Berlynda Schaaf -
Information Officer: Sean Paul -

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Arizona District 8 Little League Leagues
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Sunday, February 19
2017 District 8 Umpire Rules Clinic Presentation

Our very own UIC has released the latest version of our rules clinic presentation.  It is available in both PPT and PDF versions.  Here are the highlights!


  • 2017 Significant Changes
  • 2016 Lessons Learned
  • 2016 Rules Review
  • Removal of references to the Big League Division
  • Information on the 2018 USA Bat Standard


New Slides on:


  1. Foot in the box rule
  2. Intentional Walk rule
  3. Use of Double First Base
  4. Unsportsmanlike behavior/fighting


Saturday, June 25
Arizona Senior State Baseball and Softball Welcome Packets

Arizona District 8 is honored to host the 2016 Arizona State Tournaments for both Baseball and Softball in the Seniors division.  The tournaments will be hosted in Nogales, AZ this year, and our welcome packets have been posted on the link found here.  Good luck to all the teams!

Thursday, July 14
West Region Round Robin Brackets

Here are the most current brackets:

Approved By Jamie Joy
2016 Intermediate 50/70 Round Robin 9 Teams (4 game guarantee)
8 Teams Advancing

Thank you,

Jorge Maldonado
Arizona District 8
Tournament Director

Tuesday, July 4
2017 State Tournaments

District 8 is proud to have hosted the 2017 State Tournament for the Intermediate (50/70) Division.

It was hosted in Nogales, home of the almost famous carne asada.  

Congrats to Sunnyside for going undefeated and winning the tournament to represent Arizona at the West Region Tournament.  We look forward to seeing you there.

The bracket posted below is final.

Monday, June 13
2016 District Tournament Brackets posted

The brackets that are posted are official as of Monday 06/13/2016 at 8pm.  

 Please note, these are subject to change right up to first game start for the tournament in question. 

Wednesday, June 21
2016 District Tournament Announcements

All Stars Logo 

Quick announcements regarding the tournaments being held around the District.


  • 8-10: in San Pedro Starting on June 28th 
  • 9-11: Bisbee will advance to State without play 
  • 10-12: in San Pedro Starting on June 26th 
  • Juniors: Nogales will Advance to State without play 
  • Seniors: Ponytail will Advance to State without play


  • 8-10: in San Pedro Starting on June 28th 
  • 9-11: in Nogales Starting on July 1 
  • 10-12: in Willcox Starting on June 30th 
  • 50/70: in Nogales Starting on June 28th 
  • Juniors: in Nogales Starting on July 3rd 
  • Seniors: in Nogales Starting on June 30th 

 All Brackets for the District Tournaments have been posted

Wednesday, February 3
2016 District Rules Clinic Slides Uploaded

Our very own ADA Umpires, Mr. Robin Murray, has updated our Rules Clinic slides for the 2016 season.  This presentation makes understanding the basic rules for Little League a simple process.

Wednesday, December 30
Little League All Stars Team Registration Increase

In an effort to keep up with the rising costs of travel and lodging, Little League is increasing the registration fee per All Star Team by $50  to a total of $200 per team.  Please go to the Little League site (by clicking the link) to find out more.

Wednesday, February 3
Campstone Little League is now Hotrod Little League

Due to various reasons the District 8 League formerly known as Campstone has changed their name.  So if you're in the Huachuca City or Tombstone area and looking for Campstone Little League, start looking for Hotrod instead.

Upcoming Events
Date Event Time Location
Wed 4/17 star Monthly District 8 Leadership Meeting 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM Sierra Vista, Corner of Foothills Drive and Highway 92