Arizona District 12 Little League: Welcome

Upcoming Events
Date Event Time Location
Tue 11/1 star City Field User Meeting 6:30 PM Randolph Center Auditorium
Wed 11/9 star President Advisory Meeting 6:00 PM District 12 Office
Wed 11/16 star County Field User Meeting 6:00 PM County Offices on River Rd.
Tuesday, September 6
Welcome to the District 12 Website




Congratulations to our District 12 Champions!

Senior Softball - Sunnyside LL

 Junior Softball - Sunnyside LL  

Little League Softball - Sunnyside LL 

9/10/11 Softball - Sunnyside LL

8/9/10 Softball - Copper Hills 

Senior Baseball - Copper Hills LL

Junior Baseball - Sunnyside LL 

50/70 Intermediate Baseball - Copper Hills LL

Major Baseball - Randolph LL

9/10/11 Baseball - Rincon LL 

8/9/10 Baseball - Sunnyside LL 

Copper Hills 50/70 Intermediate Baseball has won State and now advances to Regional Play in Nogales, AZ! 




Monday, July 18
Arizona District 12 Little League

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