Arizona Amazon Basketball Club: Philosophy


 Our Mission Statement

AABC recognizes the priorities of family, religion, and school, and enthusiastically accepts its role as a basketball related complement to those important responsibilities and relationships.  At the same time we value and respect the benefits of participation in the game of basketball and will continue to treat the game for what it is-a chance for players to have fun, learn to compete and grow as individuals.

Purpose of the Club

·         Provide expanded opportunities for girls to play and enjoy the game of basketball

·         Establish multi-level programs to enable girls to develop their skills, play with others of similar ability, and compete against teams of comparable caliber.

·         Develop character, sportsmanship, and a sense of fair play.

·         Promote Excellence in Girls Basketball

·         Advance the visibility of girl’s basketball in Maricopa.  

Club Structure and Organization 

AABC subscribes to all AAU (Athletic Amateur Union) player eligibility, age, and roster requirements.  Players will be required to become members of the AAU and the club will maintain an AAU membership.  This club is staffed by unpaid volunteer coaches and administrators.  

INSURANCE The membership in the AAU provides gym liability and secondary medical insurance under specified conditions for AAU sanctioned practices, games and tournaments

EXPECTATIONS The full cooperation and participation of players, parents, and coaches is necessary to assure a quality experience for all.  Participation in club activates also brings important responsibilities for parents, players, and coaches.   



·         Participating fully in practice, games and tournaments

·         Abiding by the players rules of conduct

·         Displaying mutual support and teamwork

.·         Demonstrating sportsmanship and fair play at all times.

·         Participating in personal and team fundraising is required.

·         Cooperating with coaches, staff and volunteers.

·         Conducting themselves in ways which enhance the stature and positive reputation of AABC.


·         Assuring that the player fulfills her responsibility to the team

·         Agreeing to and promoting the Players rules of conduct

·         Volunteering to help team with activities, shoot-outs, special events, tournaments, etc.

·         Setting an example of proper conduct and sportsmanship

·         Treating players, officials, coaches and spectators with respect

·         Providing positive encouragement at all times to players, coaches and team

·         For travel teams, contributing by transporting players to and from tournaments, and helping with hotel   supervision, food/meal management, and other activities.

  ·         Providing fund raising or personal financial support as required.

·         Provide primary medical insurance for the player.