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VE Arbutus will be holding an important meeting at Solomon Run Fire Hall on October 5 at 6:30 with the following agenda:

– Mr. Sam Ranck, Little League Development Manager, will be in attendance to answer some remaining questions for us about sanctioning. We will gain an understanding on how to request a specific boundary and how that boundary decision will be made. This meeting will be open to anybody within the league that is interested in the topic or has questions to ask.

– We will then hold 2016 board elections. There will be an anonymous ballot available. We will allow one vote per team and a vote from each 2015 board member of the VE Erickson and Arbutus Leagues. We encourage a representative from each team to attend. If anyone from the league would like to nominate themselves or someone else for one of the following positions, please email us at and we will include their name on the ballot:

- President - oversees meetings, league issues, concession stand, equipment, ballpark improvements, field maintenance and events. - Vice President of Operations – oversees items such as uniforms, tournaments, game scheduling, day to day operational needs. Acts as president at meetings in the absence of the president.

- Vice President of Finance – oversees items such as event expenditures, fundraising, grants, and sponsorships.

- Secretary – takes meeting minutes at board meetings, oversees communications with the league, oversees record keeping such as registration, scheduling, clearance information and has overall responsibility for website maintenance.

- Treasurer – takes care of day to day financial information such as deposits, concession funds, umpire payments. Tracks finances, reports finances at board meetings and has overall responsibility in completion of yearly taxes.

- Baseball Commissioner – Oversees baseball league, coaches, draft and team formation, rules, and umpires – includes t-ball

- Softball Commissioner – Oversees softball league, coaches, rules, draft and team formation, umpires and communications/voting with the Cambria Somerset Fastpitch Softball league.

- A brief meeting will be held after elections to finalize items for fall registration on October 17. This will include the approval of the early registration flyer and other actions needed to prepare for the event.






Our Next Monthly Meeting is Scheduled for October 5 @ 6:30 at Solomon Run Fire Hall




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Tuesday, March 3
Background Information


There are two options for you and your coaches to obtain the proper background checks this year.

Option 2 is that you or your coaches do the clearances yourself at the individual sites. The cost is $10.00 each and the individual will get the information sent directly to them and THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR GETTING IT TO THE MANAGER WHO WILL THEN GET IT TO DAVE MASTOVICH. While this is less expensive, there is more work for you and your coaches on their end. The links are: 


PA CHILD ABUSE  on this page you will need to make an account to do this form online. 

MANAGERS it is important that you know which option your coaches are doing and track them. Please do not turn in the paperwork until all of it is gathered by you for your coaches.

Lastly, remember that no coach or manager can be on the field without these checks in place with the league. Please stress that to your coaching staff.

Any questions, contact Dave Mastovich