APC Spartans: Links

Michael Jordan teaches you Free Throws!
A YouTube Video - ask your parents for permission to use YouTube please.

Jab Step and Triple Threat technique - Michael Jordan again!
The Jab Step, and faking - great to practice this

Squaring up to the basket for shots
Score more baskets by squaring up to the basket! If you are on the run, land with 2 feet and catch the ball, pivot to the hoop and be thinking "Shot!" - or you can look to pass, or you can do a jab step and drive to the basket right or left.

Setting the Pick video - fairly good
Shows how to set the pick on the defender. A good start to the Pick and Roll, and all the basketball offence that comes from this move.

Pick and Roll lessons in Chinese!
Yes, it's in Chinese, but I still want the team to look at this video. It shows how setting a pick for your team mates keeps the defence away from the ball, and gives you easy baskets. Turn the volume down on the computer and see if you can figure out how to set the pick and roll out of it to make yourself open for a pass, or get a rebound. Then look at it from the ball carriers point of view - see how he gets the defender to get blocked by the guy setting the Pick and open himself up for an easy basket or a pass back to the teamate who has "rolled" off of the pick? Cool eh?

Adidas - Pick and Roll video
setting the pick and rolling off of the defender to get the ball, or get the rebound and block out the defender. Some good video

Layups and Jump Shots
What is a Layup? Here you go!

Drive the base line - layups on the baseline

Left Handed Layups - explains how
Good video showing how and why we must use the left hand for the left hand layup. It just takes a little practice - we'll learn about it this year, and you can keep working on it in the future.

Power Layups
An essential inside move that will get you lots of baskets!

Triple Threat - more
pass, shoot, or drive to the hoop.

This video does not emphasize the 2 foot stop as much, but we will stress the importance of catching the ball and landing in such a way that you can use either foot as the pivot foot.

Chest Pass - how to
Chest pass - the secret to passing farther is to step into it!

Bounce Pass
Bounce pass - fun to do, and it keeps the ball away from the defender and gets the ball to your team-mate! Watch the technique

The most important basketball skill to learn
Basketball is all about FUNdamentals. OK - this is spinning the ball! FUN!

Pickup Basketball Etiquette
Basic etiquette - respect your opponents - Know the rules of the game, and play with good sportsmanship, call your fouls, be honest and it's fun for everyone to play B-ball.