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Thursday, July 17
Anyone interested in being a Manager or a Coach.                                        
Please contact the Our Antioch President Joel Barfield                             
by leaving a message at the park by calling 813-365-4923.                             
Or you can email him at

Friday, November 7
2015 Sign Up Policy and Refund Policy.

Registration Policy,

All registrations is as follows:

 Payment will be due at time of registration. If not able to pay that day, Partial payments may be accepted. All Birth Certificates, Medical Releases, and Proff of Residence will be due at registration time as well. Players will not participate in any Try outs, Drafts, or Team play until all information is complete.

Refund Policy as Of 2015 Season.

 We understand that at times you may need to cancel a player`s registration and request a refund. Because of the expenses involed to process a Registration, Order Uniforms, ETC.. Increase the closer we get to the start of the season, we have established this Policy to indicate the amount of refund you may recieve at various points in time based on amount paid.

   Examples of Refund.

   On or before the season Player Draft-  You will be refunded your registration fee less 20%.

   After the Season Player draft-  You will be refunded your registration fee less the Uniform and any other application fee`s.

  Any Refund request Recieved On or After the Player Has Participated in any Offical Game- No Refund..