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Thursday, July 17
Anyone interested in being a Manager or a Coach.                                        
Please contact the Our Antioch President Joel Barfield                             
by leaving a message at the park by calling 813-365-4923.                             
Or you can email him at

Tuesday, September 23
2014-2015 By Laws with Refund Policy
Antioch Little League By-LawsThe local rules, ground rules, and bylaws of Antioch Little League are developed, maintained, and approved by the Antioch Little League Board of Directors. Antioch Little League Board of Directors will open the by-laws every two years on the even year's. The by laws can be open annually to make changes for all Little League International rule's that effect the Antioch Little League By-Laws. The Antioch Little League By-Laws are not considered part of the Constitution.        All Antioch Little League Board meetings will be held at the boardroom of Antioch Little League at 8510 Franklin road. Plant City, Fl.   1)   Registration Policya)    All registration is as follows:      Payment will be due at time of registration. If not able to pay that day, partial payments may be accepted. All birth certificates, medical releases, and proofs of residence will be due at registration time as well. Players will not participate in any tryouts, drafts, or team play until all information is complete.      We understand that at times you may need to cancel a player’s registration and request a refund.  Because of the expenses involved to process a registration, order uniforms, etc. increase the closer we get to the start of the season, we have established this Policy to indicate the amount of refund you may receive at various points in time based on amount paid.b)   Any request for a refund will be put in writing of why you are requesting your refund and submitted to the Antioch Little League Board for consideration. Please include your full name, the child’s full name and your home address.c)    Examples of refunds:ci)   On or before the season player draft- You will be refunded your registration fee less a 20 percent processing fee.cii)  After the season draft and the first practice- you will be refunded your registration fee less the Uniform and any other applicable fee's.ciii) Any refund request received on or after the player has participated in any official game- no refunds2)    Appointmentsa) Managers / Coaches1. All managers/coaches must be approved by the board of directors with a 2/3 vote. Managers/coaches must meet all Hillsborough County and Little League certification requirements if any.2. All managers/coaches will be evaluated during the regular season by any of the League board member's to make sure they are following the Antioch Little League Constitution and By laws. They will also be looking to make sure that all are also following the rules and regulations put forth by Little League International and Hillsborough County. 3. All managers will be responsible to find a Team Parent for the season.                            b) Team Parent                      1. All Team Parent's must be approved by the board of directors with a 2/3 vote. Team                       Parent's must meet all Hillsborough County and Little League certification requirements if any. 3)                  Divisions             a) All divisions are determined by Little League International. Refer to the rule book.            b) Ages are determined by using the Little League Age Chart for the appropriate division's. 4)            Player Evaluation             a) The player agent oversees the player evaluation and produces a list of the eligible         candidates and their ages for each manager. All managers are informed that attendance at the      evaluations is mandatory. All eligible candidates registered prior to scheduled evaluations must    participate in the evaluation. All managers must attend all evaluation's.
                        b) Candidates should be tested in five areas: batting/bunting; fielding fly balls; fielding ground             balls; throwing; and running. c) Any child who is placed on a Minor League team (and is the correct age for the Major Division) is immediately eligible to be called up to the Major Division in the event of a vacancy. (refer to rule book) d) Property players need not to be evaluated refer to Section 7 Property players. 5)         Property Players a)         The following divisions are not allowed property players:
i)    Tee Ball
ii)   Minor Biii)  Minor A. b)         Players are considered to be the property of that team in the following divisions:
            i)     Majors
ii)   Intermediateiii)  Juniorsiiii)  Seniorsiiiii) Big League c)   A player may opt to go back into the draft. 6)         Draft a)                   The President, player agent must be present at the time of the draft.b)                  For the proper rules and regulations for the draft refer to the Little League International operation manual. 7)                  Trading Players        a) Trades can only be conducted AFTER the draft, they can trade up to the 14th days after the start of the regular season. If all of the following parties do not agree to the trade, then there cannot be a trade.                   b)The board must decide if the trade is for justifiable reasons. Players being considered              must be of “equal caliber" in playing ability.           8)                  Schedules a)                    Refer to the Little League rule book for the season.             Practices may be off league property if the location is approved by the board of directors.             (Regulation IX.)
            Practice games/scrimmages may only be conducted before the regular season begins, and can             only be between teams in the same division of the same league, out of uniform. Players from             different teams should not be mixed during practice. (Regulation 1 c-5.)
 9)                  Injured Players a) At Antioch Little League, the circumstances of the injury are to be documented by the safety officer or league president. If an accident insurance claim is needed, the safety officer prepares the paperwork. The president reviews and submits the paperwork through proper channels         10)              Discipline Matrix A. Board Members:              After a written complaint is submitted to the Antioch Little League board the President will                      choose three Board members to be on the Discipline committee to investigate the charges that             where submitted to the board. The committee will submit their findings and their                                        recommendation. The board will meet and speak about the findings and vote on what the             discipline action will be if the findings are true. Their will be a letter sent to the individual of the             committees findings and the boards decision on discipline.                        Major Infraction (automatic expulsion from park)1)       Fighting (physical)2)       Racial Slurs3)       Threats of any kind4)       Alcohol and or drug use5)       Endangerment of any child6)       Theft (Removal of any property from Antioch Park without permission) Removing any property from Antioch Little League with out permission from a Antioch Little League board member that are not related or married. The president of the league should be notified of the stuff being removed from the property as soon as communications can be done.             Minor Infraction:                        Acting in any unprofessional manner as a board member. (At Home or Away) Managers, coaches, players, parents and spectator's fall under the following guidelines: Major Infraction (automatic expulsion from park)1. Fighting (physical)2. Racial Slurs3. Threats of any kind4. Alcohol and or drug use5. Endangerment of any child6. Theft (Removal of any property from Antioch Park)              Minor infraction:             A "3 strikes you're out" policy will apply to all minor infractions. 1.      Verbal written warning.2.      Written warning with investigation.3.      Final written with removal from park for the season. In the case of a regular member (not player), Antioch Little League's procedure is for a committee to gather complaints, in writing if possible. The committee reports its findings to the board of directors. (Constitution - Article III, Section 4a) At this point, the board can dismiss the case, or could send written notice to accused, stating the charges in general as well as when and where to appear to answer the charges. Disciplining a member should not be confused with Not Re-Appointing a member to a specific position, such as manager, coach, or umpire. If the league president does not choose to re-appoint a person (annually), he or she should not give any reason for doing so. Under NO circumstance shall any person who is a known child sex offender be permitted to hold any office or position at Antioch Little League or any other level of Little League Baseball. Additionally, any person convicted of a crime involving or against children shall NOT be allowed to hold any position at Antioch Little League. (Regulation I c9.) In the case of a player member, a committee gathers complaints, in writing if possible, and reports its findings to the board of directors. The board could dismiss the case, or could send written notice to accused, stating the charges, as well as when and where to appear to answer the charges. The player's manager should also be present. (Constitution - Article III, Section 4b) 11)              Calendar of Dates             A yearly calendar of dates and events will be created by the board of directors to note upcoming events, registration dates, evaluations, drafts, fundraising opportunities, concession schedules, work days, etc. This should be prepared in a timely manner to allow reasonable notice for participation.                                                                                      Ground Rules Tee Ball Field: No rules for this field at this time. Minor and Major Field:       If a ball hits the tree limb out in center field and comes back into play it is a home run.       Major Division only has the choice to do continuous batting or substitution. This is for Antioch teams only.        Junior and Senior Field:       If a ball hits any tree limb in the out field and comes back into the field of play it is a home run. Softball Field: No rules for this field at this time.        Field rotation, one field will be unlocked every 3 months for public use.