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  Hello Players and Parents,

Here are some updates to keep you informed of how the Fall 2014 season is progressing.


I frequently get asked if players can be assigned to specific teams. I want to make it clear that it is the policy of the Ansonia Soccer Club that we do not accept special requests to assign players to specific teams or to specific coaches. The obvious exceptions are players whose parents are actively coaching for the particular season in question. Otherwise, players are assigned to teams based on an even distribution of gender and age. This is intended specifically so that all teams have a roughly equal distribution of skill and experience. Please refrain from asking for special favors as this is impossible to accommodate for a group of over 200 players. All players have been assigned to their team for the fall season. You should be contacted by your coach in the next couple weeks and be introduced to him/her. Keep in mind that we used the contact phone numbers that were provided to us at registration so if something is different your coach will have difficulty getting in touch with you. If you have not been contacted by your coach by August 25th, then you may email me back with your contact phone number(s) so that I can check them against what we have on record for you.


Teams will start practicing around the last week of August, with exception of travel teams, which may begin sooner. All teams will have been assigned their practice time slots and are subject to coach and field availability. Please speak to your coach if you have questions about your team’s practice days or times.


Uniforms will be distributed to coaches grouped by team and they will not be sorted in individual player bags as in the past. Because of this, coaches might be asking a couple parents at practice to sort the uniforms for their team while the team practices.

As always, players and parents are encouraged to check our website for up to date information, news and handouts. Soon you will find game schedules there ready for you to download and print.

Also, during the season, the website will provide game cancellation information on game days where the weather is questionable.

Ansonia Soccer Club’s website is

I am also trying to post more information on facebook, so if you facebook, please like our page and get all the latest information first..

On behalf of Ansonia Soccer, thanks for joining and I look forward to the start of our 34th season! More updates to come in the next few weeks!

Chris Sheehy

President Ansonia Soccer Club

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