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Hello Tigers!

2010 Tigers
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Welcome to our Class of 2018 Sports site.  This will be your primary source for team schedules, news and information.  Stay tuned for more information.

Wednesday, August 11
Uniform Collection

Hello K-Baseball Parents,

See Stephen's email below. Looks like we can return the kids baseball jerseys to Stephen Zarky's house anytime in the next 2 weeks. Just make sure you pin your name on the shirt so that deposit check won't be cashed. Hope all is well.

See you around,

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Date: Wed, Aug 11, 2010 at 5:05 PM
Subject: Uniform Collection

Mark, There is a tub in front of my house at 400 Hampshire Ct., to collect baseball uniforms. It will be out for the next two weeks. All uniforms should be returned with a note identifying the name on the deposit check. Any questions people can reach me at (314) 852-5995.

Stephen Zarky

Sunday, May 2
Practice is Canceled this week

Due to a late scheduled school/church function on Monday night, practice will be canceled this week.

Tuesday, April 20
Practice Recap

What we worked on:

Jog & Stretch
Skill Stations - T, Soft Toss, Catching & Throwing
Infield Practice

Monday, April 12
First Practice Recap

What we worked on:

Jog & Stretch
Catching & Throwing with a partner [lot of room for improvment here]
Team Rules
Hitting Drills

Monday, April 5
Kindergarten Baseball - 1st Practice

Hello Annunciation Tiger Parents,

Our 1st practice will be on April 12th at 5:00 pm @ Southwest Park.

In the future, if for some reason you can't make a team event please let me know asap. With only 13 Players having a few guys missing can effect the game. You can reach me by phone, email, text message, instant message or of course face to face talks after games and practices.

What to bring to practice.
1. Glove [put their name on the glove so we know who's is who's]
2. Hat
3. Water bottle or sports drink
4. Shoes or cleats [NO crocs or sandals]
5. Gym shorts or white baseball pants

Do parents need to stay at practice?
No, but we hope you stay at practice, get to know the coaches and parents, and learn a little about baseball. We might even recruit you from the sideline to help with practice. I have a feeling we'll need all the help we can get.

Thanks again guys... I can't wait to get started.

Take care,

Wednesday, March 24
Looking for Assistant Coaches

If you are interested in helping Coach this year call, text or email me.



Monday, March 22
Q&A - Baseball Bats

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Got a good question from one of our team parents about bats for the Kindergarden team...

Mark, what kind of bat (size etc....) do you have for Miles? Owen and I looked at some the other day and I think I found some that could work for him but wanted to check with you first.  Thanks, Tim


Hey Tim, don't feel like you have to buy a bat, you guys are more than welcome to use Miles' or the Annunciation ones.  Here are the specs on Miles' bat:

25" length
14 oz weight
2 1/4" barrel

>> Youth Baseball Bats

That being said if we were going to get a new bat this year I'd get one an inch or two longer and maybe an ounce heavier. And I wouldn't pay much more than $30 for it either. A good rule of thumb is to always get the lightest bat you can, especially at this age. Hope that helps.  -Mark 

Sunday, March 21
A Rainy Sunday Afternoon

Looks pretty wet outside so I think Miles and I are going to skip going to Tower Tee this afternoon.  If you still want to go you might want to call the cages before you head over to see if they are still open.

Take care,
-Coach Schulte

Monday, March 15
Coaches Meeting

I met with the other Annunciation Coaches this evening.  We discussed the upcoming season and how things were going to play out.

The purpose of the Kindergarden Instructional Program [Petball] is to provide the kids an opportunity to play ball in a highly instructional atomsphere.  The emphasis is on learning the rules and skills of the game and on having fun.  Winning on the scoreboard is not the objective.  Coaches are strongly urged to play their players at a variety of postitions ineach game.  The children are much too young to be pigeon-holed into any one position.

Keep it casual... keep it fun!

-Coach Schulte

Handout: 2010 Petball Rules

Monday, March 15
Coach Schulte Introduction


I have played baseball all of my life, starting with t-ball when I was 5 and continuing on through college and my time with the River City Rascals and the Gateway Grizzlies.  I do love the game of baseball and am excited to share my love of the game with my son and his teammates.  This is my first year as an Annunciation head coach however, prior to this I have worked with many kids on the fundamentals of the game, and understand that everyone has unique skills and abilities.  My goal is to teach the game while having fun and keeping everyone involved and excited.

Tuesday, March 2
OPTIONAL Batting Practice???

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In addition to our regular weekly practice I was wondering if anyone would like to meet at Tower Tee on Sunday afternoons.  If there is enough interest we could even rent the cage for an hour.  That way our team gets the machine to themselves and the kids can get more cuts than usual.  Just a thought.