: About Us

The Ankeny Volleyball Association was started in 1988 by a small group of people that wanted to improve the quality of volleyball in the Ankeny city league for adults.  AVBA worked in conjunction with Ankeny Leisure Services to hold clinics to teach new skills and rules to the adult players.  Soon AVBA was hosting monthly adult co-ed tournaments and helping Ankeny Leisure Services host the state co-ed tournament for city leagues.  The AVBA club also helped coach Leisure Service teams for kids and hosted several youth tournaments.  The emphasis for the kids’ program continued to grow as the adult players’ kids started playing volleyball.  In 1994, AVBA organized its first AAU team.  The next year it had two teams, and the club has continued to grow every year.  Last season, AVBA had fourteen AAU teams ranging from 5th grade up to 11th grade.  The AVBA USA program had four teams that competed in tournaments in Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, Kansas, and Texas.   This season promises to be another good year for AVBA volleyball with more people wanting to learn to play competitive volleyball.


The focus for AVBA volleyball has always been to improve the quality of play of volleyball in Ankeny for adults and the youth of Ankeny.  AVBA is one of the few volleyball clubs that does not recruit players from other school districts to be on its teams.  The goal of the club is to work and improve the skills of the Ankeny youth.  This has helped all of the Ankeny School teams from 8th grade through high school become some of the better teams in the state.  Every one of the girls on this years’ Ankeny High School team has participated in the AVBA volleyball program.  The climax for the team this year was to win the class 4A state volleyball championship for the first time after finishing second the previous two years.


AVBA is a non-profit club that works for the benefit of the Ankeny community and school system.  Any money raised by AVBA is donated back into equipment for the schools, city programs, and for the youth of Ankeny.