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Sunday, March 4
And thus the Angry Burdz have been hatched!

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     What an unbelievable Spurs League season it has been. I personally feel like we are just getting started and it saddens me that we only have one game remaining! Anyone who has been around me for any period of time knows how I get when I want something. Sometimes good, sometimes not so good, but I don't let much get in the way of things I really want. Right now there are three things I want:

1. I want to get over being sad that my coaching season is done.

2. I want my wife to forgive me when she reviews our bank statement in the morning no doubt. (I swear everytime I swipe my card she gets a text so I'm probably in hot water at 0430 when that marathon runner of mine wakes up.)


     So here we go. I am not going to spend myself too much. It's 1am and the boys probably won't care about this page too much in a few hours when they want breakfast. Know this, today we took two of our biggest defeats of our season against a very good Ramirez All-Star Team, and a talented well-coached Cuellar Spurs Team. I/We also picked up two of our biggest victories today, the heart and courage we played with and the creation of our club!

More to come, BELIEVE.

Coach David