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Manzanita Angels 2011 Champions!!!!
Friday, April 13

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Welcome Players and Parents !!!!! I look forward to another exciting year of baseball, making some new friends, and having fun. As the season begins there are a few things you will be hearing over and over. I emphasize these things because it is proven to lead to a successful season. Success for us is having fun, improving skills, and becoming closer as a TEAM.

1. HAVE FUN - This is the most important of all. This is the reason we all are here. I expect everyone to do their part in making this an enjoyable experience for everyone. If is not a fun experience, we want to know about it ASAP. The proper time to address this or any other issues is BEFORE or AFTER practice/games. We run very structured practices to maximize every minute of field time. During games our focus is on the game, substitutions etc. This is our main goal but we are not going to stop there…

2. EFFECTIVE PRACTICE - We will improve everyone’s baseball skills. We will emphasize fundamentals. We will let players experience playing several different positions both in practice and during games. Hard practice will be rewarded and playing time is earned. Safety is top priority and we want to know immediately of any arm soreness or medical conditions.

3. TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) - This is my pet. You will hear this countless times. We will always exercise as a TEAM, run as a TEAM, and play as a TEAM. Encourage your teammates, be positive, and be respectful of others. Parents are a huge part of our TEAM. We will be working in snack bar 2 times this year, so if we could get anyone to help out. Anyone who would like to help on the field let us know as well.

You will notice that winning is not one of our top priorities. That is because we feel that when we achieve these three things…. Winning will happen automatically. If you cannot attend practice or a game, please let us know beforehand. We believe in developing self esteem through achievement not false praise. We rotate pitchers on a strict pitch count. I want to make sure arms are more healthy at the end as they are now. Parents please refrain from coaching thru the fence, however if you see him acting up feel free to straighten him up. Any questions or comments please feel free to contact us anytime. Thanks in advance for your support .

Coach Dennis Skeen----- Coach Shane VanLaningham (602) 430-2660 ------ Coach Tim Harwood (602) 703-1124


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Tuesday, June 12
Manzanita Angels 2012 vs Rangers Game #16

Friday, June 29
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