Andover United Lacrosse Club: HS Information

As we approach our 4th season, here are some of our milestones:

  • In our third season we placed 2nd in our conference.
  • We have had two 2nd place finishes in regional tournaments.
  • Andover and other local players signed on to summer league teams who qualified and competed in a national championship.
  • We sponsored a Tom Marechek summer camp in the summer of 2017, and they are hoping to return again.
  • College opportunities have recently expanded with Central Christian College of Kansas in McPherson opening a men's lacrosse season under the direction of Virgil Lyon.
  • Several local players have been given lacrosse scholarships to play in private Kansas colleges.
  • Uniform-The decision was made to purchase top quality Under Armour reversible tops, mathcing shorts, and socks. This should be a one-time purchase and will be the property of the player. Returning player fees will be significantly less.
  • Helmet-The helmet can be any brand or style and color does not matter as we have customized helmet wraps. We recommend a Cascade CPXR, CPVR, or R for high school players.
  • Elbo pads and gloves-Any visible pads and gloves are preferred in black, white, gray or a combination of those colors.
  • The Andover Unified High School Lacrosse Team will play the 2018 Spring Lacrosse Season through the Wichita Area Lacrosse Conference (WALC). All High School players are required to register with US Lacrosse
  • Other local teams include the Wichita Renegades.
  • Local and away games are scheduled on Teamsnap and listed under the Schedule navigation button to the left.


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