Andover United Lacrosse Club: Youth Information

Spring 2018     

Practices: The practices are generally held at Sunflower Elementary. Some early practices may be inside and have some classroom instruction time. Please be sure to have the kids wear gym shoes, not cleats. Inside practices will be non-contact. When we move to outside, all kids must have mouth guards. We will start regular outdoor practices in late February or early March. The outdoor practices are typically held twice a week in the evening and Saturdays.  We will send out an email when practice time is scheduled.

Games: In the past, our games have been held on Saturdays between 10am and 3pm. We should have a total of 6 to 7 games followed by 1 playoff weekend. Games start in April and end the weekend prior to Memorial Day in May.

Registrations & Dues: AULC is responsible for collecting our own dues and then turning in registrations to the city. The registration fee has not been set for 2018 and the equipment rental fee is $5 per piece. Checks will need to be made out to AULC (Andover United Lacrosse Club).

League rules: High School federation rules. Same as last year. No running body checks (one-step rule). Two 20 minute periods.

Problem resolution: We don’t expect any problems, but the coaches can’t be everywhere. If you have a concern with a practice, coach, ref, etc., please let a coach know outside of the hearing distance of the kids. We will share the concern with the other coaches and work to resolve any issues.

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