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Saturday, March 14

System of Development

The modern game, as we know it, began in the late 19th century. Since that time, it has evolved to become the most played and viewed sport on the planet. As a result, it has continued to be studied by players, coaches, clubs, national and international associations, all seeking to unlock the secrets that will allow them to become the next football superpower or dominating force etc. Over time, people have come to understand there are no secrets to the game. But there is certainly a common formula seen throughout the development of those considered to have attained sophistication associated with the highest level of play. The recipe is thus: players develop through playing, training, watching and emulating, all of which are driven by an inexplicable passion for the game.


Research shows that it takes 8 – 12 years to develop an athlete. Our program is based on this timeline with an emphasis on individual player development through each age related phase of development. The keys being: the application of both the science and the art of coaching in the life of the youth player. It is based on an understanding of the youth development continuum encompassing psychomotor, cognitive, and psycho social characteristics. In other words, we believe that a player’s development is enhanced when the short term goals and strategies of an organization, and subsequently a coach and a parent, are pursued within the perspective of the players long term needs (USSF).

Below you will find the USSF Curriculum Guidelines and our matching programs, which will help us towards our goals of preparing players to compete at their “next level”:

1. Foundation Phase: (The Romance)

    - Ball Control and Creativity: 6 – 12 years old

2. Formal Phase: (The Commitment)

    - Ball Skill, Creativity & Gradual Insight into the Game: 10 – 14 years old

3. Fervid Phase (The Dedication):

    - How to function in a Group: 14 – 16 years old

4. Elite Phase: (The First Blossom)

    - Competition and Outcome: 17 years and older