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Anchorage Youth Baseball Association (AYBA)

AYBA Baseball was formed to give any player, of any background who wishes to get better at baseball the opportunity to train, practice, learn and improve... through receiving what we believe is some of the best quality instruction & information available.


Teams from outside of the Anchorage area are welcome to join AYBA as well.  If you are from the Kenai Peninsula, the Matanuska Valley or any outlying area we welcome you to our organization.

Our goals are simple… to help every single player we work with get better and to do our very best to help players and coaches’ get to where they’d like to be…


With the support of the Alliance in Support of American Legion Baseball AYBA is offering Development Baseball for those players that do not make High School or Legion teams, or those “A” players that are in need of additional real game development time.


AYBA aims to inform, instruct, inspire and make baseball fun again.  It also aims to provide a tiered program for development teams!  We want kids to stay in baseball and to provide Legion and High School baseball programs an increased level of play as a player ages.  Unlike most recreational baseball programs, the developmental league is competitive in nature with a focus on player skill development, team concepts, and fun.


Alaska Youth Baseball Association offers:

·         70 foot baseball 11, 12 Year Old Division. (Advanced 10 year olds too)

·         Leading off & stealing real baseball rules

·         80 foot baseball 13 to 15 Year Old Division

·         90 foot baseball 15 to 17 Year Old Developmental Baseball Wood Bat Only

·         No boundaries, anyone can play for AYBA regardless of where you live.

·         AYBA will have multiple seasons to participate in baseball throughout the year.

·         AYBA will host numerous tournaments throughout the year.

·         Summer, fall, travel ball and winter baseball inside the Dome.

AYBA will have travel ball opportunities:

·         Fairbanks “PONY” Memorial Day Tournament

·         Washington State and Las Vegas Baseball Academy “Fall Classic”.

·          Age categories for travel are 10U through 18U.

·         Other tournaments as demand warrants



  • Number of Games.  Tournament and regularly scheduled games are planned. We estimate 24 to 30 games for the summer session with an additional 25 to 35 games for both fall sessions. If you participate in all the sessions you can expect to participate in approximately 60 plus games.


  • Duration of Season.  Summer session late May through July, Fall Session August 15th through September, Late Fall Indoor Session October 10th through the third week in November.


  • AYBA Tournaments.  Numerous tournaments are planned for both the summer and fall sessions. We anticipate a minimum of 5 tournaments during the summer session and 1 for the fall session.   We are also developing winter tournaments at the Dome too.


  • Rules.  Standard MLB rules will be followed with modifications for substitutions and speed up rules. Pitch Count Rules will be implemented. Minimum play rules for all levels will be enforced.


·         Coaches:  Our goal is to have a minimum 4 person coaching staff comprising of a Manager, Head Coach and two assistant coaches.  Coaches will be required to attend training courses.  Specialty coaches will be available for team instruction.  AYBA is recruiting quality coaches who have an unrelenting passion for the game. We have high expectations for our coaches and expect a strong commitment to the development of our players.


·         Travel Program: AYBA will offer a fall travel program. This program is optional and open to all AYBA members.


Contact Information: 11/12 Coor     Steve Forrest @ 441-2101

                                     15/17 Coor    Mike Fetko     @ 830-4456


AYBA Website:


Register your player now:


Questions and Answers


My son or daughter is 11 or 12: Why should they participate in AYBA? If your son or daughter is athletic, loves playing the game and wants more than the current programs offer then your child should be participating in AYBA.


What is the difference between the AYBA 70’ baseball and Little League Major Program? Little Leagues Major program operates under a set of modified rules that take much of the responsibilities of game situations away from the coaches and players. The Little League Major program also allows players between the ages of 9-12 to participate. (AYBA believes that 9 year olds shouldn’t be playing with 12 year olds). Little League regulations also require that ALL 12 year olds play in the Major division regardless of their skill level or their comfort level.


AYBA’s 70’ baseball program will play by standard rules and regulations.  Since AYBA will only allow experienced 11/12 year olds to try out the skill level of AYBA teams will be much greater than your average LL major team.


Can my child play AYBA and Little League?  Yes, AYBA is has been created to supplement the current Little League season. The current Little League model is a six week regular season and a brief tournament season. This short season doesn’t allow players do develop and maximize their skills.


My son may be playing for his local American Legion team. Is he eligible to play AYBA? Your son can only dual participate if he is NOT a member of his AA team. All “A” level players may duel participate. AYBA and ALBB will attempt to coordinate scheduling to minimize significant scheduling conflicts.


Who will AYBA teams play?  Teams from AYBA will play other AYBA teams, Wasilla PONY League and Fairbanks PONY League.


What will the cost be for AYBA? Currently the costs for the program have not fully been established. However all players will must pay a membership fee of $65 to AYBA to cover insurance and other operational costs.