Anaheim Soccer Association and Anaheim Soccer Club: Signature

What is a Signature League?

Each year many soccer families are faced with a dilemma: continue playing recreational soccer or make the big jump to competitive soccer. For those recreational players that have developed a higher level of soccer skill, the natural progression is to make the move to competitive soccer. However, this jump requires a family making a sizable commitment in terms of both time and financial resources.

For years, there has been a definite expressed need to provide an opportunity for young players to play soccer at an intermediate level, between the strict recreational play and the highly committed competitive play. Hence the birth of the Cal South Signature Leagues.

Signature Leagues are "localized" playing circuits formed by nearby recreational leagues that are comprised of "all-star" teams selected by the individual leagues through a selection process published by the individual recreational leagues. Each Signature League playing circuit is operated by a coordinator selected by the participating leagues who is responsible for ensuring the scheduling of games through the participating leagues.

There are a number of rules that are unique to the Signature League such as a 50% play rule for all players, a limit on the annual financial responsibility of the players, and a limitation on distance of travel.


What are the Age Groups in Signature?
The age groups in Signature are U9 thru U15 boys and girls. 

How can my child play on a Signature team?
Players from ASA or surround organizations are welcomed to attend tryouts. Teams are formed for the upcoming fall season in June. Each team will begin with 5 “freeze players” designated by the coach. All other players must attend a player evaluation (tryout) on the field. After each player has been given the opportunity to show their skills and be evaluated, the coach(es) will select the players to make up the entire roster for the team. Tryouts information will be posted soon for the Spring Season.

What are the Coaches Requirements?
Must have a minimum of a Cal South issued "E" Coaching License to be an ASA Signature Head Coach. The License must be acquired prior to August 1, 2014.
Signature Coaches Application must be turned prior to May 1
ASA Signature Coaches Form must be turned prior to May 1

Who can we talk to if we have more questions?
Any questions about Signature please contact Enrique Garcia at

New Cal South Signature website

Cal South has launched a new website for signature. Please take a look at it when you get a minute.

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Signature Try-out Info

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Head Coach of the team you are looking to tryout for.

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