Anaheim Soccer Association and Anaheim Soccer Club: Welcome


Spring registration is now CLOSED for all U6 & U8

All older U10+ registrations are in the process of being placed - please be patient. If we cannot place your child we will be in contact soon.

Spring field fees DUE BY FEB 1 2017

U10 field fees per team $150.00

U11 and upper field fees per team  $150.00

Registration fees:

New registration $125.00

Returning w/no team $100.00

Returning w/team $80.00 

Additional info

U6/U8 practices start Feb 2017 with games to follow starting March 2017. U10 and olders your season will schedule through JUSA. Please check with JUSA's website for dates/times.


Spring Soccer  NEEDS

Looking for U6 & U8 Coach(s)

If interested please call 714-828.2912 and leave message


First Aid Kits*First Aid Kits*First Aid Kits 

Coach and/or team parent - Your team should have a first aid kit at all practices and schedule league games. We have them in the office and we need you to come in and pick yours up if you have not already. Please contact Tina (714) 580-6465 to make arrangements ASAP! 


BOD (Board of Directors ) Meeting

02/07/2017 @ 7pm ASA Office

We need YOU! If you're interested in being a part of Anaheim Soccer Associations Board - we want to talk to you. Please contact us at 714.828.2912 and leave a message. Your call will be returned within 24hrs. 



Club - BU13 contact directly

Club - BU11 January 11 2017  6-8pm Cancelled due to rain Coach Miguel

Sig - G12 sanchezsoccer10@gmail Maxwell Park (Broadway side)         Coach Cesar 

 Club - GU14 Maxwell Park (Broadway side M/W)       Coach Bryan




Listed below are position within Anaheim Soccer Association and if interested please CONTACT Tina 714.580.6465

1. Treasurer – To assist the Chief Financial Officer to prepare the budget, and other financial matters as directed by the Chief Financial Officer or by the Board of Directors.

2. Registrar – To organize and coordinate all procedures for Anaheim Soccer Association players’ registration. Process registration forms and certify birth certificate dates. Input registration data into the Anaheim Soccer Association registration system or agency system as required. Keep all registration documents and deliver these to a successor.

3. Assistant Registrar – To assist the Registrar as directed in the above mentioned duties.

4. Coach Commissioner – To organize and coordinate all procedures for coaches, including recruitment, training and replacement of coaches.

5. K-League/Division 6 Commissioner – To organize and manage the Instructional Divisions of Anaheim Soccer Association.

6. Inter-City/Signature League Representative – To organize the Anaheim Soccer Association inter-city and Signature League programs, attend all Inter-City and Signature League meetings. Coordinate team schedules, field assignments and other matters with the other Commissioners and keep the Board of Directors informed of these matters.

7. Scheduling Commissioner – To set up, maintain and distribute a playing schedule for all games and leagues in the Anaheim Soccer Association.

8. Referee Commissioner – To be in charge of procedures for recruiting, and training of in-house referees. To coordinate any hired referees from outside agencies.

9. Field Commissioner – To be responsible for reserving, and maintaining fields to be used during the season for both practices and games. This includes setting times and places for various teams to practice and play their games.

10. Equipment/Uniform Commissioner – To procure equipment and supplies from suppliers and vendors of soccer equipment. Purchase said equipment and supplies as needed for Anaheim Soccer Association to operate. All purchases must have board approval for any equipment/supplies ordered.

11. Head Team Parent – To coordinate and obtain division team parents, and help coaches in recruiting team parents for each team. Keep a current list of team parents’ names, addresses and phone numbers.

12. Fund Raising Commissioner – Organize and manage the Anaheim Soccer Association’s annual fundraisers which shall include at least one major, association wide fundraiser per year.

13. Special Events Coordinator – Organize and manage picture day, the Anaheim Soccer Association end of season dance, and any other special event as directed by the Board of Directors.

14. Sponsorship/Awards Commissioner – Coordinate the solicitation of team and league sponsors. Purchase all awards and trophies and sponsorship plaques. Coordinate and run trophy day.

15. Tournament Commissioner – Organize and manage the Anaheim Soccer Associations annual tournaments as directed by the Board of Directors. This shall Page 9 include the Holiday Classic, Girls Friendship, and any other tournaments as approved by the Board of Directors.

16. Publications Commissioner – To coordinate, edit, publish and distribute the league newsletter during the regular season on a monthly basis starting in August and ending in December. To be responsible for local news coverage of all Anaheim Soccer Association events and activities.

17. Parliamentarian – The Parliamentarian shall maintain a current copy of these Bylaws, Operating and Membership rules and to ensure that these rules are followed. All members have equal rights, privileges, and obligations; rules must be administered impartially. Advises the President as needed during all meetings to assure these Bylaws, Operating and Membership rules are being followed. Ensure that any changes to Operating or Membership rules are amended and changed in the corporation’s documents and that they are followed.   

*Families this is our annual general meeting which is open to all* (no children please) Please come join us and there will be light refreshments. 


Anaheim Soccer Association's office contact/hours 


ASA office 625 South Magnolia Street #D Anaheim, CA 92804 (Magnolia St & Orange Ave)

*Office is NOT staffed Monday - Sunday. Office is open 1st Friday of every month for Board of Directors meeting (subject to change). Additionally the office is open during Fall & Spring soccer seasons on scheduled dates such as registrations, coaches meetings, candy distribution etc. 

Phone #: 714.828.2912 Main

*Office phone number is MESSAGE ONLY (unless you are calling on scheduled open office days) Please leave message and your call will be returned within 24hrs.


ASA Welcomes you to one of the oldest League in Anaheim, California --Anaheim Soccer Association.

Bienvenidos a una de las ligas de Futbol mas antigua de la cuidad de Anaheim, California --Anaheim Soccer Association. 

Who we are?

We are one of the oldest Soccer Association in the City Anaheim. We have been part of the soccer community for over 30 years! Anaheim Soccer Association is a non-profit organization directed and supported by an all-volunteer staff. If you are interested in volunteering please call us! We are affiliated with Youth Soccer Association (CYSA South) and United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA)

Quienes somos?

Anaheim Soccer Association Somos la Asociación de fútbol más antigua de la ciudad de Anaheim. Hemos sido parte de la comunidad de fútbol desde hace más de 30 años! La Asociación de Fútbol de Anaheim es una organización sin fines de lucro dirigido y apoyado por un equipo de voluntarios. Si usted está interesado en ser voluntario por favor llámenos! Estamos afiliados a la Asociación de Fútbol Juvenil (CYSA Sur) y la Asociación de Fútbol Juvenil de Estados Unidos (USYSA)

ASC Logo




ASA EXPRESS BU11  REDS FC  M. Alcala Coach *              


ASC EXPRESS GU13 *Club GU13 tryouts Mon/Weds @Maxwell 6PM * See Coach Bryan/Aldo

need DEFENDERS * Mids/Forwards welcomed 


ASC Teams Looking for Players:

ASC Express is always looking for talented youth and if your son or daughter is interested in trying out, please contact coach or team admin directly.


BU9 & BU10 (714) 580-6465

BU11 - Bronze Miguel Alcala Coach 

BU12 - (714) 580-6465

GU13 - Coach Bryan

GU15 - Coach Enrique 


or call/email ASA Club Director Tina Gollette (714) 580-6465 /

Anaheim Soccer Association
625 S. Magnolia St. #D
Anaheim, CA  92804 
(Magnolia  Ave. & Orange Ave.) 

Fall Registration 2016-17


2016 - 2017 Fall - Closed





WHO IS ELEGIBLE: Boys and Girls ages 4 ½ to 18 years as of August 1, 2015 in surrounding areas. CalSouth's Age Matrix - Click Here

PROOF OF AGE: All NEW players must bring a certified birth certificate, or U.S. Alien Registration Card or Certificate of Naturalization. These documents are used to verify age only. All children are accepted.
(Hospital Certificates are not acceptable proof of age.)

OTHER REQUIRED DOCS: In order to validate ages for particular age groups. The league is requiring the most current report card that is issued in June. We are only using this information for age verification for ages 12 and older. Team Parents will collect them at the first team meeting. 


*Ages 4½ to Under 8 - $125.00
*Ages 8 to Under 19 - $160.00
Signature: Ages 9 to Under 16 - $165.00
Club Registration fee $200.00 
*(Candy buy-out Option - $35)
*Family Discount: First two(2) children Regular Price, 3rd, 4th & so on will receive
50% discount off Regular Price.
*Registration after 6/29 will be considered "Late Registration" - additional $10.00 fee
Payment method: Cash, Check 

RATING DAY: We will be reating all children between the age of 9 and 16 years old. All future players between these ages are required to be at rating day June TBD, 2016 at Salk Elementary School from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm. 

COACHES: If you are interested in coaching, please call 714-828-2912 (Leave Message)

REFEREES: Adults and children (Ages 12 and up) interested in becoming a certified referee, please contact call 714-828-2912 or email for current information. For more infoclick here


Player Registration Form

* Parent Agreement Form (English): Download Now 

* Parent Agreement Form (Spanish): Download Now

**** Please note Location may change for some Registration Dates **** 

**** Registration fees after June 21, + $5 ****

Additional registration info:

Please contact ASA office 

Anaheim Soccer Association
625 S. Magnolia Ave.
Anaheim, CA  92804
(Magnolia Ave. and Orange Ave.) 


**NOTE - All Players are required to be at Registration/Sign Up for player photos. THIS IS MANDATORY **


ARE AVAILABLE: Contact: ASC (Note: Additional Fees are required for those programs.)

Anaheim Soccer Association is a non-profit organization directed and
supported by an all volunteer staff. We are always looking for enthusiastic
individuals that are willing to work to make soccer a positive experience for
children of all ages.


If you are interested in volunteering please call (714)-828-2912.
Youth Soccer for the city of Anaheim and  surrounding communities
Affiliated with California Youth Soccer Association (CYSA South)
United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA)
ASA Office 625 S. Magnolia Ave., #D,
Anaheim, CA 92804 (Magnolia St. & Orange Ave.)