Anaheim Juniors: Welcome

Monday, March 19
We play with heart and determination...we are ANAHEIM SOCCER CLUB EXPRESS TEAM!

We would like to thank you for supporting ANAHEIM SOCCER CLUB EXPRESS Boys U16 Team (formally the Anaheim Impact, Anaheim Juniors and Brazil)!


Our team is part of Anaheim Soccer Association ( ---who is one of the oldest League in Orange County.  Our team started playing 11 seasons ago...we started in the Recreational Level Program. Our first season the team was named by the players, "Brazil". We played 2 seasons has ASA's Brazil Recreational Team. However we made needed changes and we recruited new players and our training program was modified to improve our defense, midfield and offense. Therefore we made an overhaul of the team and also changed the team's name to the "Anaheim Juniors". This is when the team achieved success through our hard work and dedication!

The team won the U12 CalSouth's Comissioner's Cup and season-after-season we reached finals and semi-finals. We then moved-up the team to the Signature Level Program. Our hard work continued to display by reaching finals, semi-finals and wining a summer tournament, JUSA's Friendship U15 Tournament. We participated in a 2017 Thanskgiving Cup and reached the final playing against Club Level Teams. This is when we finally made the decision to move-up the team to play in the Club Bronze Level Program.

Now we are the "Anaheim Soccer Club Express, Boys U16 team", effective Winter/Spring 2018 season!

If you have a player (born AFTER 1/01/2002) who wants to try-out for our team, please contact me at 323-633-5004 or email me at

Thank you,

Gustavo Espinoza, Head Coach