Anacortes Volleyball Club: Welcome

Skagit Volleyball Club - Anacortes Seahawks

Anacortes Volleyball Club: WELCOME!

Anacortes Volleyball Club is a sub division of Skagit Volleyball Club, which is a member of USA Volleyball. 


Februaray Practice Schedule coming soon! 

Subject to change. Please let your coaches know if you can not make a practice before the missed practice date. After your first practice, you will have your coaches contact information. 


*Once you have accepted your position on a team, you will need to update your USAV registration from Junior Tryout to Junior Membership.

*You can get to your membership by going to, from there; you will select upgrade membership, and pay your dues for a Junior Membership.

*DON'T FORGET: You need to select "Skagit Volleyball Club" under the club option; otherwise we will be unable to tell if you have upgraded!

*If you need assistance, please email the region office at 

2014-15 Club Season Coaches:

U12: Kirsty Croghan, Stephanie Sherman, & Lucy Bessler

U14: Ashleigh Pollard & Kylee Anderson

U15: Kathy Garde & Ashley Janz

U16: Jessica Straight & Brie Straight 

Tournament Schedule:  


U12 Tournament Schedule:      

     2/21            La Conner Tournament U12 @ La Conner HS & MS 

     3/14            Kings Schools Tournament U12 @ Kings Schools 

     3/21            Oak Harbor Tournament U12 @ Oak Harbor HS     

     4/18            Tulip Tournament U12 @ Sedro Woolley HS & Cascade MS?? 

Parks & Rec Mount Vernon: (Skagit Spikers League)


Mt. Baker MS2310 East Section StreetMount Vernon, WA 98274 

Match Dates are Wednesdays, April 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th. The match times where 5:45pm and 6:45pm last year, as soon as I have the official game schedules and match times I will get them to you all.

U14 Tournament Schedule:      

     1/17             OPVBC Tournament U14 @ Kitsap Pavilion 

     2/8             WAVE Tournament U14 @ Meridian HS

     2/21           Puyallup Jr’s Tournament U14 @ Sunrise Courts       

     3/15            NW Jr’s U14 @ Bellevue CC & Tillicum MS 


     3/22           La Conner U14 @ La Conner HS, MS, & Elementary


     4/11             SC Thunder Tournament U14 @ Standwood MS     


     4/19            Tulip Tournament U14     

     4/25-26      Regional’s U14 

U15 Tournament Schedule:      

     1/4             Burlington U15 @ Burlington HS

     1/25            NW Jr’s U15 @ Bellevue CC & Tillicum MS        

     2/22           Lake Tapps U15 @ 5-12 Courts     

     3/8             La Conner U16 @ La Conner HS, MS, & Elementary          

     3/21            Domino’s Invite U15 @ Tacoma Sights (SAT.)   

     4/12           SC Thunder Tournament U16 @ Stanwood HS 

     4/18            Lake Tapps U15 @ 5-12 Courts 

     5/2-3          Regionals U15


U16 Tournament Schedule:      

     1/18             OPVBC Tournament U16 @ Kitsap Pavilion     

     1/25            LaConner U17 @ La Conner HS, MS, & Elementary     

     2/15            Burlington U17 @ Burlington HS     

     2/28           Lake Tapps U16 @ 5-12 Courts     

     3/15            Ferndale U17 @ Ferndale HS     

     3/22           Burlington U16 @ Burlington HS     

     4/18            Tulip Tournament U16     

     5/2-3          Regionals U16


2015 Anacortes Club Volleyball Teams:


Clare Martin

Sally Vaux

Jordyn Johnson

Halley Geist

Sarah Hardesty

Ruby Browning

McKenzie DuQuaine

Cecilia Mathias

Annika Peeler

Haley Rodrigez

Nicole McInerney

Kim Meyer

Lydia Weddle



Anna Haworth

Hannah Cross

Camron Riddle

Gabby Ronngren

Natalie Dale

Molly LaVelle

Reese Vaux

Cassie Ausland

Lexi Campos

Serena Rivas



Skye Hopper

Ava Martin

Hannah Gleason

Addison Eschenbacker

Mia Sullivan

Kindred Hurtado

Stevie Lee Hewitt

Isabelle Willoughby

Sara Neville

Isabella Tuttle

Mercede Barnes

Liela Saunders



Serena Morrow

Kennadi Flynn

Aldyn Bryant

Alyssa Kiser

Ariana Bickley

Kiley Helm

Ally Cutter

Reese Illston

Skyler Whisler-McDougal

Kate McFarlin  

Coach Bios: Coming SOON!!

U12 Team:

Kirsty Croghan

Stephanie Sherman

Lucy Bessler

U14 Team:

Ashleigh Pollard

Kylee Anderson

U15 Team:

Kathy Garde

Ashley Janz

U16 Team:

Jessica Straight

Bre Straight

Club Staff:

Kirsty Croghan: Director, Email - 



Forms & Info: Coming SOON!

Payment Schedule:

2014-15 Anacortes Volleyball Club: Payment Schedule

Your club dues do not cover your regional registration fee. You will be responsible for paying that fee upfront with the region when you register. You cannot play until this fee has been paid. First NON REFUNDABLE payment must be mailed in by Friday, December 12th in order for girls to receive their jerseys and participate in tournaments. Please write checks to Skagit VBC, and mail them to:

Kirsty Croghan at PO Box 278 LaConner, WA 98257.

DO NOT bring checks to practices. It is not our coaches’ responsibility to get your payment to us.

U14, U15, & U16 - Total: $750

$200 due December 12th - Non Refundable 

$275 due January 5th

$275 due February 5th

U12 - Total: $400

$150 due January 25th - Non Refundable

$125 due March 1st

$125 due April 1st


When was Anacortes Volleyball Club started?
Anacortes Volleyball Club was started by Jean Gallo in 2010.  Since then, we have had the privilege of coaching and working with some amazing players and people that keep us coming back every year.

How do the age levels work?
Age levels are determined by birthdates.  A player can play UP an age level, but cannot play down an age level.  For more thorough information on age group definitions, please visit the 2014-2015 USAV age definitions.

How many teams will you have?
We will have as many teams as we have players, coaches, and practice space for.  This decision will be determined after tryouts.  Our plan for the 2015 season is to have 4 teams.

How long is the club season?
Our club season begins with tryouts in November and practices will begin the first week of December. The season will last from December until the first week of May depending on the team you make.

How much does it cost?
Our club dues depend on what team your child is playing on.  2014 dues were $700 for U14 and up teams.  Dues for U12s will be determined shortly, as this is our first season to have a U12 team (our estimate is $500, but I know it will be less).   These dues will NOT include region registration.  You may pay in full or in monthly installments.  Monthly installments have due dates.  Failure to pay on time will result in girls being unable to participate until payments are made.

What do the dues cover?
Our club dues cover: gym rental fees for practice time, tournament entry fees, team uniforms, team equipment fee, region team registration fees, coach training/education, and a coach's stipend.  Anacortes Volleyball Club is a non-profit organization.

How many tournaments will the teams play?
Each U14 and higher team will play in 8 tournaments during the season (1-2 a month).  Our U12 team will play in 4 tournaments and is also going to take part in the local Parks n’ Recs Volleyball league (Skagit Spikers), last years games where on Wednesdays at Mount Baker MS in Mount Vernon (1-2 matches a night).

Where are the tournaments?
U14 and Higher Teams: All of our club tournaments will be located in various locations in the Puget Sound. We try to stay local, but are at the mercy of where each age level tournaments are hosted.

U12 Team: All of our club tournaments will be local tournaments with the farthest possibly being Kings Schools. Parks n’ Recs league are all at Mount Baker MS in Mount Vernon, WA.

When are practices?
Right now our gym times are:
Fridays AMS: 5-7pm & 7-9pm U12 Saturdays Fidalgo Gym: 9-12pmSundays HS AUX Gym: 11-1pm, 1-3pm, 3-5pm, & 5-7pm(Each teams monthly schedule can be found at the top of our Homepage)

What if I want to play a school sport at the same time as club volleyball?
Anacortes Volleyball Club encourages multi-sport athletes.  We believe that if you are playing a school sport, that sport takes priority over club volleyball.  You will not be penalized for missing practices or tournaments due to school sport conflicts as long as you let your coach know ahead of time.

What happens if I miss a practice?
If you're going to miss practice, let your coach know ahead of time! 

Email us at: