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Congratulations to our 9/10 District Team on winning the Pennsylvania State Title!!





Congratulations to our 2014 Season Champions!!

Major - Bears

National - Cardinals

American - White Sox

7's - Iron Pigs



The winners of Baseball Olympics are in!!!

Individual fundraising winners:

1st place - Connor Michael - $1160

2nd place - Bradly Wiest - $600

3rd place - Chris Haydel - $480

4th place - Stan Zalota - $430

5th place - Cameron Fawthor - $226

6th place - Daniel Kane - $211

****Winners will receive choice of prize in the order in which they won!


Team winners receiving trip to Little League World Series:

Majors - Tigers raising $1220

National - Brewers raising $1315

American - A's raising $1932


Team winners receiving Oasis Family Fun Center Party:

Minor 7's - River Bandits raising $1160

Rookie 6's - Blue Rocks raising $1090

Farm 4's & 5's - Grizzlies raising $733


Event day team winners will receive AMLL string bags (top 2 teams per division):

Majors: Bears & Cubs

National: Rockies & Brewers

American: A's & Yankes

Minor 7's: Iron Pigs & Mud Hens

Minor 6's: Mud Cats & Blue Rocks

Farm 5 : Rock Cats & River Dogs

Farm 4 : Threshers & Red Hawks


Congratulations to all the winners!!! Contact Cheryl Wiest atmailto:clwiest@verizon.netto claim your prize.


AMLL now has it's own Facebook page as well, if you click the Like button on the top of this page you will be subscribed to that site. Information will be posted there as well as on this site. AMLL is now on Twitter as well, you can follow us at @Amllbaseball

As always we are in need of a great deal of volunteers in a variety of different positions, commissioners, volunteers to help run the snack bar on a regular basis, opening day, team moms, baseball olympics, etc.....

If you have any interest please email Pam Bradley at with your interest level and your name will be passed along to the appropriate board member.

 Thank you in advance for you help and we look forward to working with all of the families in the league!





AMLL Families,

There are 3 General Membership meetings left for the 2014 season. The remaining meetings for the 2014 season are:

Tuesday, May 6 - 8pm

Tuesday, June 3 - 8pm

Tuesday, July 1 - 8pm

August - no meeting (the last meeting is the July meeting)


 Elections for the 2015 season will be held on Tuesday, September 2 at 8pm. In order to be eligible to vote for the 2015 Board you must have attended either 3 meetings in a row or 6 meetings total.




Thursday, January 2
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