American Solution FC: HS Boys (2)-CASA (U16 & U18)

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That sort of thing should speak for itself..
Tuesday, July 7
SAS (CASA)-U15 Boys, U17-Boys..Spring 2015.

CASA Spring Outdoor 2015--U17 Boys: Schedule (Tentative): 

Sun. 4/12.                 2:00pm                    vs.  Cleveland United       (Lodi # ) --Postponed..Forfiet--Win, never MK

Sat.  4/25                 5:20pm                    vs.   Ambassadors U18    ( Lodi # ) --Postponed..Forfeit win, Never Mk.

 Sun. 4/26.                10:40am                   vs.  Liberty FC                 (Lodi # ) --Win 5-1.

Sun. 5/3.                  12:20pm                   vs.  Ohio Strikers            (Lodi # ) --Draw.

Sun. 5/3.                   3:40pm                   vs.  Liberty FC                 (Lodi # )--Win.

Sun. 5/10.                10:00am                   vs.  Whitecaps                 (CCC-West) --Win.

Sun. 5/17.                10:40am                   vs.  Canton United           (Lodi # ) --Win.

--Internationals West  (TBA)

CASA Spring Outdoor 2015--U15 Boys: Schedule (Tentative): 

--Fri. 4/10.              6:30pm                      vs.  Peninne United  (CCC-West)  --Postponed..

--Sat/Sun.. 4/18-19.. CASA Spring Tournament --Semi's..

--Sat. 4/25.            10:40am                     vs.  International Red-14   (Lodi #26) --Win

--Sat. 5/2.              5:20pm                       vs. International Red-15    (Lodi #19) --Draw

--Sat. 5/16.             9:00am                      vs.  Erie Admirals       ( Lodi #5) --Loss.

--Sun. 5/17.            10:00am                     vs.  NEO Select        ( CCC-West ) --Win.

--Sat. 5/30.             3:40pm                      vs.  CSA Impact       ( Lodi #25 ) --Cancelled..

--Mon. 6/8.             6:30pm                      vs.  Canton United    (Lodi #5)  --Win.

Lost Nation State Cup (US Club):

--Mon. 6/1.             6:00pm                      vs.  NEO      (Lodi #16)   Win 3-0.

--Thur. 6/4.            6:00pm                     vs.   Group 2- cross over   (Lodi #6) --Win, No team- 3pts.

--Sun.  6/7.            9:30am                     vs.  Excalibur      (Lost Nation #1) --no result.

--Sun.  6/7.            2:00pm                    Semi-Final        (Lost Nation) ---Loss to Erie Admirals 3-2.



CASA Indoor (SAS)--U15 Boys: Schedule: 

Sat. 1/10.      9:00am              vs.   Ambassadors                 (North Olmsted--Sportsplex)       Win.

Sat. 1/17.      2:00pm              vs.   Internationals-Blue       (North Olmsted--Sportsplex)       Win.

Sun. 1/25.     2:00pm               vs.  Excalibur                     (Lodi Indoor #1)                         Win.

Sat. 1/31.      9:30am              vs.   Ambassador-White       (Lodi Indoor  #2)                       Win.

Sat. 2/14.     8:30am              vs.   Galaxy                         (Lodi Indoor #2)                        Win.

2/20-2/22 Weekend--Cleveland State Showcase 

Sun. 3/1.      9:00am               vs. Excalibur                     (North Olmsted-Sportsplex)

Sun. 3/8.     11:00am              vs.  CSA Impact                 (North Olmsted-Sportsplex)

Sat. 3/14.    8:30am               vs.  Ohio Strikers              (Lodi Indoor #2) 

CASA Indoor --U17 Boys: Schedule:

Sat. 1/10.     10:00am             vs.  Internationals-West          (North Olmsted--Sportsplex)    Win.

Sat. 1/17.      8:00am              vs.  Ambassadors                    (Cleveland State-- Dome #3)    Tie.

Sun. 1/25.     3:00pm              vs.  Cleveland Select              (Lodi Indoor  #1)                     Win.

Sun. 2/1.     10:00am              vs.  CSA Impact                     (North Olmsted--Sportsplex)  Cancelled..

Sun. 2/15.    3:00pm               vs.   Whitecaps                      (Lodi Indoor #1)                     Loss.

2/20-2/22. Weekend--Cleveland State Showcase 

Sun. 3/1.      4:00pm              vs.    CVSA                             (Lodi Indoor #1)

Sun. 3/8.     9:00am              vs.    Internationals                (North Olmsted-Sportsplex)

Sat. 3/21.    2:00pm              vs.   Internationals-West       (Warrensville-Multiplex #3) 

Spring 2014, OYSAN State Cup Schedule (U16-Boys)..

Wed. 5/28.  6:30pm     vs. Ambassadors     (Victory Park)  Win 2-0.

Sat. 5/31.  4:00pm     vs. Pennine United (Pacesetter Park) Loss 2-0.

Sun. 6/1.   2:00pm.     vs. Toledo Celtics (Pacesetter Park) Win 8-0.

Tue. 6/3.  6:00pm       Quarter-Final (Strongsville)--vs. Crew Jr. 97. Loss 3-0. (Out to the Champs, Congrats!)

U16-Boys, State League Schedule (Congrats Champions U17 OYSAN State League)

Sat. 4/26. 11:00am           at Valentis Athletica (Bowling Green-Vplex) Win 4-2.

Sat. 4/26.  4:00pm           at Perrysburg Impact (Perrysburg-Rte.199) Win 1-0.

Sat. 5/3.    2:30pm           at North Central United (Hanley Park-Mansfield) Win 5-2.  

Sat. 5/10.   4:00pm           vs. Canton-Akron Premier (Victory Park) Win 1-0.   

Sat. 5/17.   1:00pm            vs. Perrysburg Impact (Victory Park) Win 4-1.  

Sat. 6/14.   1:00pm            at Canton-Akron Premier (Massillon?) Win 3-2.



Interesting St. Eds' vs. Ignatius future photo from us.