American Solution FC: U14-Boys

Vangelos to hold the back line together. Bay Village Gk.
Tuesday, July 7
U14- Boys: Fall 2015 Season. OYSAN State League.

Fall 2015, OYSAN State League Schedule..(U14-Boys Division)  

  Roster Openings (4). Fall Training begins Tue. July 7th, come to practices to make team.

 SPRING 2015, OYSAN State League Schedule..(U13-Boys Division) 

--Tue. 4/28.         7:30pm              at  CVSA--Breckville (Memorial Park-Lights)  Win 5-1.  

--Sat. 5/2.           9:30am              at  Anthony Wayne (Toledo)  Loss 4-1.

--Sat. 5/2.           12:00pm            at  Toledo FA   (Perrysburg)   Win 3-0.

--Sat. 5/9.            9:30am             vs.  TSI Premier (Victory Park)   Win 7-2.

--Sat. 5/9.           4:00pm              vs.  North Central United (Victory Park)  Loss 4-3.

--Thu. 5/21.         6:30pm              at  Concordia  (Lenau Park)    Win 5-1.  

--Fri. 6/5.            7:30pm              at  Ohio Rangers (Garfield Middle)   Loss 4-0.

--Sun. 6/7.           10:00am             vs.  CAK Premier (CCC-West)    Loss 9-0.

 OYSAN State League, Fall-2015. (U14-Boys Tentative Roster)

Alex Eaton #7 

Anthony Vangelos #13--GK. 

Stephen Tepper #20 

Athan Tsigas #5 

Kevin Kotobelli #19 

Mustafa Dajamel #2  

Aidan Cunningham #11

Brandon Huebler #39

Cayden Fischbach #34

Chris Rockich #23

Nazmi Bunjaka #6  

McLain O'Donnell #9 

Trevor Ohmer #42 

Anthony Cora #8

Michael Rizzo #99

Daniel Gebura#10 


Chris Rockich..move.jpg
Captain Chris making his move, wasn't just no looking the ball out of bounds.