American Solution FC: Philosophy

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Creating Friendships along the way!
The Way its Done!

Program Objectives  

  • To grow and evolve within the game, setting a standard of behavior that will contribute to our players personal development on and off the field. Respecting those around us through a positive value structure, individual player behavior and overall team sportsmanship will be held to the highest standard.  
  • Develop the soccer abilities of all our players. It is our Club’s mission to work towards every players future development and reaching the goal of fulfilling that potential.
  • Providing an entailed opportunity and foster a love of the game for our players. Keeping the fun aspect in line with the challenges ahead. Making progressive strides in each of our players and maintaining the enjoyment level that is needed to harness the abilities not tapped into yet.
  • Benefit the youth in the community. Our club’s overriding pursuit always has our youth’s interest in mind.
  • We embracing a more competitive attitude with other clubs. Competition from neighboring clubs is encouraged and welcomed.
  • Our established player development philosophy will make our players the best they can be on and off the field.
  • Training levels are diverse and appropiate to the age bracket. We train 4 areas for a complete soccer player. Technical, Tactical, Physical, and Emotional.
  • Train players to be more adaptive to the rules of the game. Understanding the rules and playing within them are a key aspect of the game. Using the rules in a players favor is what we train.
  • We strongly encourage our players to watch high level soccer and emulating what they have seen. We firmly believe that soccer is learned through seeing, doing and discussing the game. Watching great players play is the way to learning and understanding what a high level team does and why they do it. This is where true students of the game come from.