American Solution FC: History

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A New Beginning from an Old Past

Years ago during a short break in Patrick McAndrew's professional career and shortly after Rick Welch's college career the two got together with a couple of their soccer friends to create a team that focused on the player and brand of play and less on winning every game. The guys knew with quality players who liked each other and playing a certain brand of quality soccer winning would not be an issue.

As the team developed the guys were very specific when selecting players for their roster. They choose players with heart, skill, and intelligence. They looked for players that were team first, creative, and tough. They knew every soccer team has their own personality. The teams are typically either highly skilled, finesse teams that are possession minded or tough, physical, and fast with a focus on a quick counter attacking style of play. Their goal was to merge the two personalities into a soccer juggernaut.

During this time US soccer was struggling. The US Soccer Federation was plagued with problems from the national team all the way down to the youth organization. The Cleveland area had its share of ethnic teams that found entertainment in mocking the US soccer program and any US born players. After Rico and Paddy’s team had come together there was a strong need to make it known that this new team was a bunch of American kids who could play.

The team had several names in it early days. The final name was taken from discussions between their opponents they had dispatched. Most often spoke was “the American team killed us” or “They are big fast and skilled, we had no answer for them”. The team had become the answer to much of the good natured, anti-American soccer jokes. The team had become the “American Solution.”

After years of playing and coaching, Patrick and Rico are now beginning to building their solution again. This time it is the solution to quality training and development in youth club soccer. The American Solution has returned.


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